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Zigurat Student Week 2022: the in-person event that brings together the entire Alumni community


From 25 to 29 July 2022, we will be celebrating the Student Week in Barcelona, where our alumni community will take part in various activities such as workshops, visits to construction sites and a Design Thinking sessions specially designed to respond to current issues.

After a long period of distance and isolation, the Student Week 2022 in Barcelona is back! A week specially organised to welcome our entire Alumni community: more than 150 professionals from different disciplines, of more than 50 nationalities.  From 25 to 29 July, they will share spaces and events with the professionals they have worked with during their academic programmes , as well as with some professors and Alumni from other Masters. Through activities that cut across all the programmes, such as Design Thinking sessions developed jointly with the 22@NETWORK BCN, the Alumni will be able to face challenges related to sustainability, mobility and innovation. Based on five phases - empathizing, defining, devising, prototyping and testing - the alumni community will propose solutions that focus on the user rather than the problem. The aim is to give a new approach to challenges, develop empathy, and improve the ability to question and come up with creative ideas.  Under the guidance of Pere Juárez Vives, professor of Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Barcelona and expert facilitator of these group dynamics, students from the different master's degrees (both in the area of construction and innovation) will form multidisciplinary groups and work together to solve those issues. The face-to-face activities take place at the Institut de Formació Contínua IL3 - Universitat de Barcelona, one of the most important business and technological areas of the city. However, there will also be visits to other areas  to get to know the architecture and history of Barcelona, as well as some of the most important and representative companies in the innovation and construction sector. In fact, after the Design Thinking sessions, the professionals will have the opportunity to visit relevant companies that are stimulating the economic growth of Barcelona: BAC Engineering - SOCOTEC Group, CBCat (Centro Blockchain de Cataluña), Supercomputing Center, Tech City and the Wittywood building of the real estate company Colonial. This is a great chance for participants to  strengthen their networking, connect with similar profiles and discover the Zigurat environment. Taking into account the plurality of nationalities and contexts, the Student Week is the ideal scenario to say goodbye, for a few days, to the virtual environment and return to exchanging and sharing ideas in a face-to-face format.