Education based on practical knowledge, not only theory.

An approach based on projects that change the world

Since its inception, Zigurat has offered training that links academic knowledge with professional requirements.

For this reason, it counts on the most influential and reputable organizations and professionals in the industry in order to provide an immersive experience. Our Master’s programs are created in direct collaboration with the most innovative practices and are designed to disrupt the industry with professionals trained under the prism of:

Real projects that are changing the world
Practical learning or 'learning by doing'
The use and impact of technology in the industry
Collaborative work

An ecosystem that guarantees innovation

Our constant and fluid relationships in the AECO sector have contributed greatly to the renewal and constant expansion of our portfolio, and this translates to the most up-to-date knowledge and standards.

From our very beginnings, Zigurat has consolidated its ‘knowledge triangle’ gaining the endorsement of:


which seal our academic quality with recognition and certifications


which confirms the usability and validity of our contents


which transfer our impact back to the industry

Flexibility, collaboration and skills for the 21st century

Convenience and flexibility

Zigurat was the first global e-learning platform aimed at the AECO sector and was founded on the premise of offering the most advanced and innovative master’s programs to professionals who require the flexibility of an online program to advance their careers while balancing their personal and professional life.

Real Case Studies vs Theoretical Learning

Our objective is to provide practical knowledge and give students a chance to learn by doing while acquiring the knowledge through real projects. They will acquire the competencies of the professional roles by getting involved in a project with their flows, documentation deliveries, as well as communication of projects.

International Master's

Our programs convey an international experience. Collaborative projects and professors, located in different geographical zones, are the key to the creation of networks, allowing students to create relationships with professionals from more than 70 countries. Collaborating with counterparts from the 5 continents helps prepare for an increasingly global market.


Each participant counts on the constant support of specialized personnel whose main functions are to provide guidance and advice throughout the program. There are four profiles per program available to the participant: the tutor / facilitator, the coordinator, the teaching staff and the program directors.

A dynamic and genuine online campus

Our masters have high levels of interaction that ensure a global and genuine experience and that clearly contributes to the participant staying active and motivated. Among others, in our Campus you will find:

  • Real projects, simulation of real situations and workflows.
  • Role plays and other gamified activities that stimulate learning and contribute to the visualization of the flow of the program’s events and pedagogical challenges through motivating stories.
  • Communities, forums, blogs and other platforms to encourage collaboration and exchange.
  • Multimedia and interactive resources that are often combined with live master classes.
  • Multi-team access that facilitates the tracking and achievement of objectives (desktop, mobile and tablet).
  • Individualized tutoring and follow-up.
Collaborative work: a skill for the 21st Century

Zigurat’s programs are designed to enrich the learning process through the participation and acquisition of knowledge in a collaborative way. An individual commitment is sought to share knowledge, opinions and experiences with other participants and, in turn, develop essential teamwork skills for the professional world.

Our vision of collaboration as a skill or ‘soft skills’ essential for professionals of the XXI century, is completed with the organization of face-to-face sessions in different geographical locations that allow the meeting between students, alumni, teachers as well as speakers and esteemed professionals, who share their best practices during these events.

Professional career development

Beyond technical knowledge, Zigurat offers a complete service to the different needs that a professional finds throughout his career. In that sense, we also offer some short Courses, which offer updates on specific day-to-day topics as well as BIMCommunity, a unique social network for BIM practitioners driven by an institution in which professionals of the AECO sector can inform themselves, share their projects and/or offer or apply to jobs around the world.

At Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, we have always opted for innovation, not only in the content of our different master’s programs and courses, but also in the way we present and teach them trying to make the learning process a transformative experience.

That is the reason why we have implemented CANVAS, a new online campus with the latest technology for easier learning. Currently, it is considered the best learning platform in the world and like our institute, the most prestigious institutions around the world have also opted for it. It is easy, intuitive and allows us to be constantly updated.

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