Beyond Future Education: our learning philosophy

We prepare the professionals of tomorrow to progress as a society

Throughout our 20-year history as an educational institution, every step we have taken at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology has been to evolve. Zigurat was one of the first Mesopotamian constructions and symbolizes better than anything else the history of engineering, architecture, knowledge, and technological transformation that represents us.

Today, we continue to look into the future to prevail as a virtual face-to-face polytechnic school of global reference. On this path, we are accompanied by professionals from all over the world: from academic partners of worldwide reputation to a valuable teaching team, made up of experts active in the field, and, of course, our Alumni community of thousands of professionals of over 100 nationalities who, in their day, wanted to change the world and now, from the present, we can affirm that they have done so.

“At Zigurat, we look the future in the face. It inspires us to do everything in our power to enhance the potential of people and organizations to catalyze their transformation and lead an increasingly demanding market.”

Bernabé Farré
CEO of Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

This is how our 20 years
of experience have unfolded

A team committed to the professionals and the people behind the project

Our commitment is visible in all the processes applied in each of our programs and, therefore, in the world we build together, a more sustainable world. We observe the industry, analyze the needs and draw conclusions to create training products that help enhance the various professional profiles involved, get the best out of each one, and make the processes profitable. We supervise everything through a Product Committee made up of architects, engineers, educators, companies, and experts in each of the knowledge areas. This is a short account of how we turn them into top-tier master’s programs.

Take your career to the next level




BIM Managers & Specialists




International Certificates




Job Opportunities

Academic certifications

The best universities in the world according to the independent QS ranking endorse and/or certify our master's degrees, which are also recognized by the most prestigious agents in the sector.

Global network and methodology:
Future-ready & knowledge-oriented

With our masters, we offer a personalized service that begins with professional orientation and tutoring months before the start of the program. We propose a unique training path, the central axis of which is the professional application of the techniques in the context of collaborative and real projects.

Our alumni work...

...on projects and in companies that change the world. We can say this in the light of our 20 years on the market. Enterprises with sustainable values, leading and benchmark companies in both the E&C industry and the digital innovation sector, projects that have a direct impact on society. They all have something in common and add up in this world.

Corporate Services

Zigurat collaborates with different institutions around the world to offer a quality service and better understand the local needs of each geographical area. We organize events, workshops and technical sessions together with our promoting partners always focusing on training, talent and promotion. In this way, we offer companies empowering training products, access to the Alumni platform job bank and the possibility of disseminating topics of interest that amount to their brand attraction on our channels.

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