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ZIGURAT Summit 2024 Drives Dialogue on AI, BIM, and Sustainability in Construction


The ZIGURAT Summit, held at the iconic Catalonia Plaza Catalunya Hotel in Barcelona, has become a key meeting point for architecture and engineering professionals. Integrated into Barcelona Architecture Weeks, this event attracted over 150 attendees from various nationalities, solidifying its place as a forum for discussing the future of construction.

A Forum for Innovation in Construction

Organised by the ZIGURAT Institute of Technology and sponsored by ALLPLAN and Revizto, the event focused on the digitalisation of construction and the integration of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The event's bilingual format, in English and Spanish, allowed for a broader and more diverse exchange of ideas. It also featured internationally renowned speakers who shared their insights and stressed the importance of a holistic approach that includes both technological and humanistic aspects of construction.

"At this year's ZIGURAT Summit, attendees participated in roundtable discussions in a technical yet informal setting, centred around three key themes that represent some of the biggest challenges in construction globally," noted Xavier Díaz, Marketing Director of ZIGURAT.

Connecting Professionals Globally

The ZIGURAT Summit stood out not only for its cutting-edge content but also for its connection with ZIGURAT's Student Week, an educational event that preceded the summit.

This academic week, also sponsored by Revizto and exclusive to the institution's Alumni, offered intensive training on topics later explored in depth during the summit.

Over four days, students attended exclusive masterclasses, built networks with professionals from around the world, experienced firsthand some of Barcelona's most innovative projects and companies, and collaborated in group dynamics.

With events like the ZIGURAT Summit and Student Week, Barcelona continues to strengthen its reputation as a hub of innovation and education in architecture and construction, attracting professionals from around the world and fostering a global dialogue on the challenges and opportunities in these fields.