Global Master's in Blockchain Technologies

Master’s Degree by the IL3-Universitat de Barcelona:

Program Date:
27th March 2019


One Academic year


Method of delivery:
100% Online

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Take your business to the next level

Blockchain technology has a large potential to transform business operating models. Blockchain distributed ledger technology could create new foundations for global economic and social systems. The use of Blockchain promises to bring significant efficiency to global supply chains, financial transactions (including cryptocurrencies, Token economy and ICOs), asset ledgers, legal regulations (as smart contracts), virtual security (cybersecurity), and decentralized networking.

By completing the program, participants will have a better knowledge of Blockchain Technologies and how it can maximize the advantages out of the use of this technology. The final project is focused on developing a blockchain application or a business model based on this technology.

Reasons Why


Foundational knowledge of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for continued learning and professional development.


Identify the business case for Blockchain in any project, taking into account benefits, examining the drivers, functionality and characteristics of the problem to solve.


Ability to critically evaluate and adopt the more suitable blockchain technology for a particular project.


Hands-on experience developing a real blockchain project, going deeper into technical and business aspects of the technology.

Career Prospects
The Blockchain master’s brings many new skills the market is requiring, these are the new demanded blockchain jobs and careers:

Academic Content

Introduction to Blockchain Fundamentals

Understand where blockchain comes from and why it has the power to change wide areas of our economic reality

M1. Blockchain and the Trust & Transparency Economy

  • Introduction to blockchain and its ecosystem
  • History of blockchain development to understand its roots
  • Problems solved by blockchain give an overview of implications
  • The trust and transparency economy: How blockchains build trust

M2. Cryptography & Security

  • Introduction to Cryptography: The Little Crypto 101
  • Cryptographic systems security: Hashs and their friends
  • Cryptonomics: The Crypto Economy – Design of protocols
  • Privacy protection in blockchains
  • Organizational security and compliance: Cryptography implications for enterprises and institutions

M3. Basics of Blockchain Technology & Architecture

  • Fundamentals of data and databases
  • Distributed systems: Architecture of blockchain networks & protocols
  • Ledger & authorities: Private & public networks

Deep Understanding of Blockchain Technology & Economics

Dive deep into the matter of blockchain and gain insights into blockchain architecture, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and legal implications

M4. Cryptocurrencies, Token Economy & ICOs

  • Definition of money and how cryptocurrencies fit in
  • International currency markets and open financial systems
  • The cryptocurrency landscape and its stakeholders
  • Introduction to Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple

M5. Legal & Regulation

  • Blockchain in the different fields of law (transactional, corporate, commercial)
  • Smart contract theory
  • Smart contract management & innovation
  • Regulation and regulatory environment

M6. Advanced Blockchain Technology & Architecture

  • Fundamentals of crypto programming & architecture
  • Assessment of protocols & networks
  • Deployment architecture
  • Further technology frameworks & interoperability
  • Resource management in blockchain development

Application of Blockchain Technology

Learn how to apply blockchain technology into your projects and therefore choose between the business-focused path and the software development path

M7. Business Applications & Use Cases

  • Determining how blockchain fits into your industry/business
  • Blockchain cases in different industries (Finance, Legal, Travel&Transportation, Manufacturing, IoT, Supply Chain)
  • Venture capital in the blockchain industry

Business Path

M8-A. Lean Business Modeling for Blockchain

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Blockchain-based innovation
  • Business model canvas
  • Prototyping
  • Business & finance plan

M9-A. Challenges, Scalability and the Future of Blockchain

  • Economical implications of blockchain: New forms of economies and organizations
  • Social and cultural implications
  • Political implications of blockchain
  • Change Mangement in the blockchain context
  • Research & development in blockchain technologies

Technical Path

M8-B. Lean Blockchain Prototyping & Development

  • Introduction to blockchain programming languages
  • Agile development fundamentals
  • Rapid prototyping and lifecycle management
  • Quick deployment methods
  • Introduction to Hyperledger Composer and Fabric

M9-B. Implementation of Blockchain Technology into Existing Enterprise Software Ecosystems

  • Introduction to enterprise software ecosystems
  • Business process logic programming
  • Smart contract programming
  • Fundamentals of blockchain migration

Final Project & Assessment

Now it’s your turn. Create your own blockchain project that makes a difference, either in form of a business plan or an application

Option 1

Choose a blockchain business topic from a given list and create a business plan out of it

Option 2

Take your own idea and create a business plan out of it


The nº1 online platform worldwide, the one that makes learning easier.

  • Modern tools and resources that empower and simplify the learning experience.
  • Open, easy-to-use, cloud-native learning management system and Amazon web service hosted.
  • Secure like no other LMS and low-risk because native cloud means no versions, no upgrades, no downloads and no migrations.

Alumni Success Stories

Find out our Alumi’s feedback and contact them to learn more about their experience.

Faculty Board

  • David Wohde
    Academic Director
    Founder of Acomodeo & Top 100 European Proptech
  • Guenther Dobrauz
    Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland | Advisory of Swiss LegalTech and Fintech Associations, Founder of Disruption Disciples
  • Philipp Sandner
    Head of Blockchain Center at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management | Top 30 German Economist
  • Sally Eaves
    Forbes Technology Council | Social Impact Lead at Government Blockchain Association | Strategic Advisory at Effect AI
  • Robin Weninger
    Co-Founder & Managing Director of shapingwork | Managing Director at GTEC | Global Shaper and European Digital Leader at World Economic Forum
  • Daniel Diemers
    Partner/Vice President and Head of Blockchain EMEA | Member of Blockchain Taskforce of the Swiss Federal Council
  • Kambiz Djafari
    CEO of | Education on Blockchain Evangelist | Keynote Speaker | Digital Marketer
  • Eduard Kotysh
    CEO of Solidified | Blockchain Security Expert | Founding Engineer at
  • Anders Indset
    Guest speaker
    Business Philosopher and Author | Top30 Emerging Thinkers (Thinkers 50 – The Oscar’s of Management Thinking)

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