Ben Baldieri

Community Officer at Polity Network
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Everything I do is with the goal of giving the greatest amount of access to opportunity to as many people as possible.

Ben Baldieri is Community Officer at Polity Network, a next-generation federated network for professional crypto advisors and wealth managers and their clients - qualified investors.

He is also an advisor and active contributor to several startups, projects, and communities. These projects span multiple use cases, including wealth management, DAO governance, Charity, Community Acceleration, and Trading Education. He leverages his experiences from multiple industries to identify exactly what these organizations need, then deliver it.

With a strategic approach, he collaborates closely with projects, protocols, founders, and students to identify their unique needs and goals. Leveraging this understanding, he designs and delivers industry-leading education programmes, catering to both top-tier protocols and early-stage startups. As a firm believer in hands-on learning, he actively participates in the development of next-generation blockchain projects to stay at the forefront of the field.

Involved in the following courses

Corporate services

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