Cybersecurity social engineering is a tactic used by cybercriminals to manipulate human behavior and gain access to sensible information.

You’ve probably heard of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, but have you heard of the women who paved the way for them?

Biometric security has a lot of potentital, but its mainstream use opens the door to certain risks. Expert Gonzalo Cuatrecasas helps us understand them.

Resilience hubs bridge the gap between centralized emergency management and the fragmented engagement of affected communities. See an award-winning example developed by our Alumni.

A “Blue Ocean” is a shark-less ocean where safe navigation is possible…at least until other companies enter the same waters… Professor Alessandroni gives us details and examples tu understand this marketing strategy.

Discover how well-established companies like Volkswagen, Starbucks, IKEA, Lego and Domino’s Pizza are applying a digital transformation to their strategies.

Technology has always played a key role in the financial sector, so from which point onwards can we talk about fintech? Discover the evolution of fintech.

In an exclusive Masterclass for our Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies, the software developer of Ethereum discusses the network’s largest protocol change in history.

See how six trailblazing companies implemented digital transformation strategies to keep their brands relevant in fast-changing times.

A fully-fledged metaverse has not yet materialised, but as virtual and augmented reality technologies advance, its arrival is imminent.

Zero fees, eco-friendly and instant payment: that’s the aim of the Nano Foundation. Meet George Coxon, one of its Directors.

Beatrice Dikobe, alumnus of our Global MBA in Digital Business, talked to us about how she is contributing to the democratization of finance and banking in South Africa.

Developed by Alumnus Jonas Surmann, DFX is a DeFi (decentralized finance solution) incorporated in Switzerland in June 2021.

Eelco Fiole is a Ph.D. and alumni of Zigurat’s Master in Blockchain Technologies, in this article, he talks about the fiduciary challenges that appear when working on asset tokenization. He has nearly ten years of experience in fiduciary COO and CFO roles in blockchain and investments.

Business Intelligence isn’t new but the way it is gathered and analysed is changing rapidly. There is more pressure to gain insights to drive value and improve efficiencies across complex, multiple data sources, including sensors, in real time. Traditional business intelligence was delivered to senior executives by IT and provided hindsight.

One of the most difficult questions is how organizations approach digital transformation. For many its trial and error, for others it is more strategic, but what are the important areas to consider on the journey? By breaking it down into the four main areas or “pillars” is one way of approaching the journey.

In the following article, Valerio Alessandroni, Technical Director at EFCC, Professor at Tallinn Technical University and member of the faculty board of the Zigurat’s Global MBA in Digital Business, takes an in-depth look at Digital Twins and delves into how these virtual replicas of devices, machines or plants can be used to perform in-depth simulations prior to physical implementation.

Perhaps one of the most challenging phases an organization is going -or will go- through in our days is digital transformation. This is inevitable, as latest global market-environment developments have accelerated evolution -in multiple dimensions- and have altered the way of understanding customers, markets, and needs.

In today’s post, Atif Ali, a Mechatronics Engineer specializing in IIoT and Robotics/Automation systems and the Faculty Board Member of Global Master’s in Internet of Things presents the past, present and the future of IoT and its implications for the industry and the wider technology landscape.

Pablo Olivera Brizzio, Alumni of the Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies, has prepared a comprehensive article where he reviews the key aspects and concepts surrounding crypto wallets.

Can we train machines to think collectively? That is one of the questions that our professor of Global MBA in Digital Business Gonzalo Cuatrecasas will answer in this article as he explores Collaborative Models, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Is there a silver bullet to prevent cybersecurity incidents in IoT projects? Read this article by our professor Laura Blasco to find out more.

Our MBA student David Aberson shares how this Digital Business program helped him face real-world digital transformation projects head-on. Learn about the WHY, WHO, WHAT, HOW & WHEN of his DX roadmap.

In this article, we get to know Oriol Rius, the Director of the new Global Master’s in Internet of Things in his most personal and professional facets.

In this blog post, you will find out about the uses of AI in recruitment. The professor of Global MBA in Digital Business Lilia Stoyanov explains how Artificial Intelligence can help recruiters in finding their ideal candidates.

In this article, lecturer Robin Weninger will outline four essential aspects of becoming a digital organization. Get insights into management, leadership and execution.

Self-Sovereign Identity describes an innovative identity concept on the internet that is enabled by blockchain technology. Its goal is to bring back control over digital identifiers from powerful and centralized parties back to the users through decentralized identifiers.

The professor of our MBA Gonzalo Cuatrecasas speaks about divide-and-conquer algorithms and how to apply a similar notion to find solutions to complex cybersecurity problems at the organizational level of a company.

Blockchain could bring accounting consensus to the system by making the financial statement less dependent on trust, and more on cryptography. Hamman Schoonwinkel shares with us an overview of his final project that will be dedicated to the topic.  

B2MML infrastructures can change to Micro Operations Management (µOM) architecture and help the companies to build an IIoT of decentralized operations management.

Our alumnus Benjamin Eha shares his story of scaling a startup and how despite never becoming a success, the venture helped him to land the job of his dreams.

Collective thinking requires harvesting and employing knowledge from a broad range of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and preconceptions. Discover the key elements in this article by Gonzalo Cuatrecasas.

Our professor of Global MBA in Digital Business, Roberto Barriga shares his recommendations for companies interested in applying Advanced Analytics and a Machine Learning pilot in their manufacturing process.

Designing a winning omnichannel strategy that adapts to the new reality your customers are living in is a task that demands attention to detail. Read our professor Voyislav Stojanovic’s take on the subject

Blockchain will enhance and facilitate how notary services are provided. Read further to get to know the main areas of disruption.

In this article, we will discuss the biggest factors that come into play deciding the digital marketing scene for the coming year. Our professor of digital Marketing, Jordi Tomàs shares his predictions.

Data-driven manufacturing can ensure better visibility and understanding of performances using the company’s KPIs. To correctly perform these steps, the manufacturing assets should be smart, networked, and integrated into a single cohesive system.

A poorly implemented log management strategy unlocks a Pandora’s box of audit-related issues that can create a myriad of friction points. That’s where blockchain steps in to safeguard the logs and make sure all goes smoothly.

How to build on the 5G foundation to accelerate the smart city benefits? Many new application scenarios of 5G within the smart city sphere have recently unfolded and it’s time to explore its social and economic impacts.

Living in a digital world means that digital asset comes up in many contexts. In this blog post, we ask three important questions about digital assets and set out to explain what is it exactly.

What traits are of paramount importance for any person to work in cybersecurity? Our professor Gonzalo Cuatrecasas leads the discussion.

Blockchain is the indisputable catalyst to the revision of the Moratorium on custom duties on Electronic Transmission which costs developing countries billions of customs revenues. 

In blockchain discourse, we often hear about public vs private blockchain or open vs closed blockchain, and it’s time that you know the difference.

Corporate transformation is a necessity in the business world. To succeed in this ever-competitive industry, companies require a dynamic transformation strategy.

A closer look at different processes in a shipping journey that could be sped up by implementing blockchain technology.

How exactly will technologies change cities by applying innovative solutions to its sore points? Read further for examples in the areas of entry, traffic, collaboration, public safety and city resources.

China has taken to grow from a manufacturing powerhouse into an online retail hub. What can global businesses learn from digital transformation in China?

There are many architectures within the computing dedicated to IoT. Find out about the paradigms beyond cloud, edge and fog computing. 

Looking for an extensive analysis of blockchain industry applications in less talked about contexts? In this post, we share with you some noteworthy examples.

Machines have made it easier for humanity to cope with the health crisis and the new normal. Find out more about the role of robots amidst the new normal.  

As blockchain innovation is seeping in from all corners of the world, we propose some of the most influential thinkers in the blockchain sphere to follow. This is our list of blockchain influencers.

China has grown to become the most attractive international market for most American and European investors. But to succeed there, you’ll need to overcome a specific set of challenges. Read our article to find out what are the must-haves and must-dos.

What would applying AI to operations mean for the security of your company’s IT infrastructure? AIOps are the next big thing in cybersecurity and here’s why.

Those IoT blockchain projects showcase the benefits that the integration of blockchain to IoT environment brings.

Edge, cloud and fog computing all are used in IoT environment. Read further to learn more about these three forms of data technologies and know their differences and benefits.

Remote working must go hand in hand with remote cybersecurity. Safeguarding the data security of your company is definitely one of the important challenges of the era where working remotely becomes business as usual. 

How can blockchain fight food fraud? As of June 2020, Blockchain and IoT technologies are being implemented to track the origin of salmon.

Read about some pivotal Smart City IoT projects to understand the prominence that the Internet of Things holds in the smart city context and vice versa.

The monetary system must keep up with digitization. The issuance of a digital blockchain-based Euro is an imperative to stay competitive at a global scale.

After the first quarter of 2020, digital expertise is no longer a nice-to-have, but an absolute must. Find out more about digital transformation after the pandemic.

Data is the common ground that smart cities could use to anticipate urban phenomena in new ways and base their long-term decisions on. In which areas is it already used to deliver smarter services?

Growth hacking is an important segment in the marketing domain that all digital business professionals should bear in mind. Our professor Jordi Tomàs explains the strategy and main model to master.

Industry 4.0 is the sum of many emerging technologies with endless possibilities. Blockchain is one of the driving technologies behind the paradigm shift in the industrial world.

Our professor Voyislav Stojanovic Osinsky will help you understand the essence of omnichannel sales and how to take advantage of the new digital tools.

A look into the most in-demand skills of the workforce of the future. What should you learn to remain competitive?

Dealing with the recent health crisis has shown us that there’s indeed no turning back on open data. Professor Hildebrand Salvat gives us the most recent developments.

Finding new solutions for work outside of the traditional office parameters is dominating nearly every conversation around workplace design.

With blockchain safeguarding the data and AI’s analytics potential, the projects that combine the two technologies have an undeniable potential.

Business growth requires hard work and investment. However, there are some relatively easy strategies to scale and sustain a business within everyone’s reach.

What are the differences and what are the similarities? Read about the new fundraising methods that blockchain has enabled and what could be their global benefits.

This post gives some tips to the CIOs on the technologies they should bring in to increase the business resilience and adapt to the new normality.

Rounding up the top smart city takeaways that were presented at CES event in Las Vegas: what would be the smart city solutions and gadgets you should keep an eye on in 2020?

With blockchain reclaiming the 1 spot of the most in-demand skill in 2020, we dedicate this article to careers in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

With smart city networks on the rise, we speak about cybersecurity and how to make sure that the data of all stakeholders is out of harm’s way.

New technolodies are rewriting and shaping many marketing practices. Read about the MarTech trends you shouldn’t miss out on in 2020. 

Learn how blockchain-based systems could streamline healthcare. We approach the subject in light of the coronavirus outbreak that has left in evidence the need for blockchain in healthcare.

New technologies continue to become mainstream at faster rates each year and these innovative tech tools emerging in 2020 will be no exception.

Big Data, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are the four technologies that embody digital transformation in healthcare. Find out how they streamline the processes and carry forward the industry.

Blockchain is clearly poised for long-term growth, read about the struggles that the technology will have to overcome to shine in its full glory. From the lack of trained professionals to high energy consumption, the blockchain struggles explained.

List of different uses for blockchain in mobility is quite a long one. In this article, our lecturer and economist Philipp Sandner introduces some of the most talked-about use scenarios.

Mobility-as-a-Service, electrification of vehicles, and connected and autonomous vehicles are the smart mobility trends shaping the transportation sector. Professor Eduard J Alvarez-Palau offers his take on the mobility of tomorrow.

China has opened its market to international trade and there are more and more international companies considering the possibility of dipping into its business realm. Read about the advantages that China offers to entrepreneurs.

Blockchain and DLT technology will speed things up and transform the processes and markets of the energy sector. Read about the uses of blockchain in the energy industry.

A new year and decade are rapidly unrolling and to gain some overview where they might take us, we bring you the most impacting digital transformation trends for 2020.

Getting the regulative design right is vital for any technology to flourish and live up to its potential. “Without embracing the regulatory part that accompanies the innovations, we won’t get anywhere,” our professor Guenther Dobrauz concludes.

As Internet of Things is expanding its reign, one device at a time, we bring you this IoT overview and forecast post to have a better idea of what’s in hold.

We discussed with Sérgio Carvalho, an associate partner at Deloitte, the professional services the network offers for the digitalization of cities and the new Deloitte CitySynergy ™ operating platform for smart cities.  

Global Blockchain Summit encompassed the most relevant information that one might want to know about blockchain. Read to get an overview of what was discussed.

The Executive Director of Knowledge Innovation Market Antoni Paz explains in this article how the absorption of new technologies in smart cities will most likely materialize.

Studying a distance learning MBA comes with its advantages. It’s more flexible schedule-wise and replicates how the global business is done today. Read the article to find out more.

2019 has been a good year for enterprise blockchain and in this article, we take a look at four famous companies who have launched blockchain initiatives this very year.

Zigurat lecturer Cedric Mössner sets out to answer the question: is blockchain hackable? Read his take on the difficulty to manipulate with blockchain.

The director of Zigurat’s MBA Jordi Damià and other local IT executives addressed innovation and the role of CIO as the Chief Innovation Officer.

This article shows the disputes that Facebook Libra currency has produced around the world and see what 2020 has up the sleeve for this new “stablecoin”.

David Claramunt, professor and HR expert, gives 5 tips that each HR manager should try to live by to shape the future success of the companies.

Steve Habazin dissects the notion of blockchain branding in marketing and why it should be considered as part of a strategy and not just a payout method.

Valerio Alessandroni, Zigurat’s professor and an expert in Industry 4.0 shares his vision of how digital transformation levels the playing field for SMEs.

Smart cities are on the rise, slowly but surely. This article will look into what an integrated blockchain-based smart city solution should look like.

Take a look at this guide of the TOP 9 most demanded digital jobs that have been, are and will be the rising stars of the job market.

Gonzalo Cuatrecasas, professor of MBA in Digital Business and expert of collaborative models, explains the Network Effects and how it impacts all businesses

David Quero, professor of Global MBA in Digital Business working at IBM Watson, dissects the role that predictive analysis plays in digital transformation.

Blockchain, AI and robotics are the most innovative technologies. Companies implement them, build their ideas upon them, and create cutting-edge products.

Roberto Barriga, Zigurat’s professor and specialist in Industrial Digital Transformation, describes the IoT as one of the driving forces of Industry 4.0.

The main difference is that crypto is a decentralized and global digital currency outside the control of the banking system and not backed by a government.

In the days of everyone going digital, it is easy to get lost in concepts and miss the difference between digital optimization vs digital transformation.

Two technologies that have recently attracted substantial attention are blockchain and artificial intelligence, what can we expect from them?

As digital technologies dramatically reshape industry after industry, companies and professionals have recognized the importance of digital solutions.

With these evolutions, new digital technologies are arising throughout the automotive industry to create new careers that previously didn’t exist.

Zigurat participates in Blockchain Expo Europe, the largest conference that focuses on the future of enterprise technology and counts with expert speakers.

Data Analytics are at the core of digital transformation, it’s time for organizations to change their attitude towards data and to transform all industries.

There are many countries trying to become the face of Blockchain Technologies in Europe but the situation varies from country to country in the EU.

Digital transformation is gaining ground in all industries, to perform the change, a guideline for successful digital transformation is needed.

All the aspects related to the digital transformation of job profiles will be discussed in the event “Future of Jobs in the Digital Era”.

Blockchain is likely to become indispensable for the automotive industry in the years to come in order to make these next-generation cars into a reality.

Digital transformation is affecting all industries, changing their nature of work and pace of innovation, and the pharmaceutical sector is no exception.

Bitcoin and Blockchain are very different when it comes to what they are, where and how we can use them, however, they do have something in common.

Governments from around the world are betting on blockchain technologies in their initiatives to enable these countries to achieve their objectives.

It’s time for the businesses’ core leadership to evolve, and for the C-suite to truly understand digital transformation. Check out CEOs and CIOs processes.

Smart contracts are one of the most important byproducts of Blockchain technology when it comes to the impact they could have on our daily life. Read more!

The Internet of Things ( IoT ) is everywhere these days: in a new device launch or in substantial investments guiding us towards a more connected world

Crypto Assets Conference is the best place to learn about the state of affairs when it comes to the blockchain.

While consulting firms keep telling their clients to invest in digital transformation, their own firms are lagging behind.

The need for education in blockchain becomes imminent. Discover where to study it with this comparison of the master’s degrees in blockchain technologies.

These are the 5 key factors for digital transformation in order to inspire the companies to work on the right road map to drive success in 2019.

There’s no better way of celebrating the International Women’s Day than speaking with our alumni about the challenges they face as women in business.

Tech Giants’ like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon or Samsung are working on many projects empowered by Blockchain technology. Check them out!

Over the last twenty years the fashion retail landscape has been through large-scale changes as a direct result of technology and digital transformation.

Business leaders need to be more familiarised with Blockchain key terms to gain a better overview of all new business opportunities this technology entails.

In this post we are going to cover various important aspects of how digital transformation impacts companies and what it means for an organization.

The UN initiative “United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities” (U4SSC) has commissioned a report on the applications of Blockchain technology in Smart Cities.

If there’s a sector where Blockchain could be the new mainstream, logistics and supply chain management would be those. Check out the success cases applied!

Digital Transformation means looking to digital to find solutions to do things better, identifying the areas of a business that can be optimized.

Sally Eaves shared with us her vision on how technology can make a social difference in a TED Talk on Disruptive Technologies with Tech for Social Change.

It is a rather dramatic era for the banking industry, as digital disruption has forced many incumbent banks to step out of their comfort zone and up their digital game. It’s time to move digital!

Blockchain seems to have become synonymous of sounding tech-savvy. Is this hype technology gonna change the way this world operates?

Digital Transformation has had an undeniable impact on the day-to-day functioning of companies and HR is the core of a company’s digitalization.

Blockchain has brought about many new skills and the market is demanding new blockchain careers and jobs that we are going to explore in this post.

Daniel Diemers addresses the challenges Blockchain has faced and how a successful adoption of these technologies requires specialized training in the field.

After an intense academic period, students and professors from the different Zigurat master’s met in person for the first time at the Zigurat Summit 2018.

Project management suffers from a key usability gap. Discover 3 different solutions to implement Automation in Project Management.

Zigurat will hold a Masterclass Blockchain Top Success Cases on Thursday, November 15th at 6:30pm (CET), focused on startups’ best practices to success.

The Real Business Value of Blockchain Technology. Zigurat will hold a Masterclass Blockchain beyond the Hype on Monday, November 5th at 6pm (CET).

Many business sectors can enjoy the benefits of blockchain. This article aims to address the main benefits derived from the integration of blockchain technology.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been doing incredible things lately. It has infiltrated all different aspects of life and business.

Blockchain Transformation is a challenging process that requires extra responsibilities due to the nature of it being “new” and yet to be fully discovered.

Prepare for Elon Musk`s Predictions; AI will eventually surpass humans. There will also be major space exploration and advancements in solar energy.

The question of where and when to begin remains answered. Learn how to Accelerate your Digital Transformation and which steps to take. Take the first step!

Zigurat Business School is holding the Digital Summit Barcelona, at the UAB Casa de Convalescència, from 8 – 9 November 2018.

Blockchain is Here to Stay. It is definitely a trending topic and technology, but it will not go way. Get ahead by being part of it from the beginning,

Bookings for pleasure or business shows just how much Digital Transformation in Hospitality dirupted traditional businesses.

For a business to innovate The Foundations of Digital Transformation must be the force driving change. Consider your customer and Employees.

Technology can increase productivity and add value to a company but it is not the solution, but people drive Digitalization Beyond Technology.

Regulating Blockchain Technologies if the first step to begin shaping the future of the international commercial ecosystem.

The Future of Work in the Digital World will depend on a combination of the advancements in technology and innovative business approaches.

The combination of acquiring data via devices connected to the internet and being able to use it for a solution; IoT Empowering Digital Transformation.

Understand the evolution of digital business, and how it is driven by digital Transformation, by exploring the changes in trend and technologies.

Zigurat and BLASEA have embraced Blockchain Technologies, and are now working in collaboration to help professionals understand its full potential.

Blockchain Paradise. The government in Malta is opening its doors to Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, the digital heaven on earth.

Digital Transformation and AI can influence the way organizations performs

Understand the difference between Blockchain and Fintech, and their potential to change how financial institutes and various industries currently operate.

Cloud-based Blockchain Systems can improve efficiency in the educational sector by managing and tracking Students’ Learning data.

Executive Education – A New Modern Approach. New methods can provide new solutions and present other outcomes, it can shape a career and the digital future.

Giants in the Automotive Industry are joining forces and adopting Blockchain Technologies to make transportation more efficient and safer! – The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)

Learn how Blockchain has opened new job opportunities and how you can establish a path towards a Career Development in Blockchain Technologies.

Choosing an MBA – Finding the ideal MBA can be difficult, but developing new skill is necessary, and by educating yourself is how you grow.

Zigurat Disrupted the show during DES 2018. Introducing our latest programs for Business Innovation and the Digital Business Global for professionals.

CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO, CTO, Who is who? The Digital Business Global Master will help you to take the next step in your career, and become of them.

Masterclass: IoT – A Business Revolution enabled by Technology. Peter Maynard explores the Technologies behind Digital Transformation.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0. A Disruption in automation, combining Digital and Physical development, through AI, Tech, cloud and IoT.

Public Sector Innovation though Digital Transformation. Digital innovation can provide quality public services with the Digital Business Global MBA.

Digital Business Certified Master Program, dual Degree by The School of Continuing Education of the Universitat de Barcelona and Zigurat Innovation School.

Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School is participating in the Digital Business World Congress 2018 with a journey from CIO to CxO

Benefit from Business Innovation, increasing productivity, increasing profit, decreasing expenses and being more competitive.

A new Masters program designed for professionals looking to explore opportunities within Blockchain Technologies and how it can transform a business.

Banks are exploring the financial and technological development possibilities of how Blockchain in banking will revolutionize the whole industry.

Stay in sync with Google’s mobile-first search index new guidelines. Mobile-first indexing, will use mobile-friendly pages as a reference point.

Google will ban Cryptocurrencies & ICO related ads. This will affect all campaigns related to initial coin offering, bitcoin, digital wallets and trading.

Prioritizing Digital Transformation is necessary. Are your skills enough to develop new strategies and transform your business?

Mobile World Congress 2018. Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master introduced at 4YFN by Erik Brieva, Oscar Sala and Michael Counihan.

Digital is like Gravity, it is everywhere. Technology development through Digital transformation will always be present, whether you believe in it or not.

On February 22nd at 5h pm CET, Zigurat will hold a Masterclass in Amplifying Human Ingenuity with Intelligent Technology at Microsoft.

“I saw patterns around how to succeed, and more importantly, I learned how to fail successfully in my personal and business transformation”

Zigurat Innovation Business School and the DES will hold a Masterclass on Intrapreneurship, Management and Innovation Models.

Despite being a vital process for nowadays companies, most of them are making mistakes that may jeopardize the business future.

At a time when financial industry analysts are seriously debating if Amazon will get into banking, the banking market is in a state of flux when it comes to technology.

2017 has been a remarkable year for investors in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but it was just the beginning. Now things have changed.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get together with the family and enjoy time with your beloved ones. Take advantage of the Change ebook to transform.

Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School, together with its referential professors and school directors, attended the Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris to participate in the discussion about Digital Transformation.

How do you keep performing while transforming? Why do businesses succeed in their transformation? Olivier Van Duüren shares it.

Digital Transformation has impacted the Automotive Industry and there is no turning back, and this quick transition to digital is only going to accelerate.

Zigurat wants you to follow the steps to digitalization and manage your way to digital success with the 3rd deliverable of the ebook series, the Digital Roadmap Ebook.

After 16 years of offering professional development for the AEC industry, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology continues expanding into new industries.

Zigurat is taking part of the third edition of the Digital Enterprise Show as DES Academy Partner. The show will take place on May 22-24 at IFEMA, Madrid.

Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School is attending Smart City Expo World Congress to be at the forefront of the innovation trends.

Zigurat is participating in the largest tech conference in the world, Web Summit, that is taking place on November 6 – 9, 2017 in Altice Arena, Lisbon. 

Zigurat, committed with the innovation and technology sector, wants you to stay updated with the new trends in the area with the Be Digital Ebook.

Zigurat, committed with the development of innovation and new technologies, joins efforts with Swisscognitive to bet for the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The United Arab Emirates made a bold move that is perhaps the strongest demonstration of any government’s official endorsement of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Digital Transformation made Nespresso Possible overarching goal is the same as it has always been: to provide customers with the perfect coffee experience.

Committed to the progress of the industry towards new technologies, Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School and German Tech Entrepreneurship Center will join efforts to boost digital entrepreneurship.

Zigurat wants you to stay updated with the last trends in digital business and provide compact management knowledge with the Goal-Setting ebook.

Olivier Van Duüren, Founder of The Dualarity and professor of the Digital Business Global Master, presents a masterclass on How to Succeed in Digital Transformation.

Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School is taking part of the IOT Brazil BCN event, Challenges and Opportunities for Industrial IOT in a continental and emerging economy.

Zigurat will hold a masterclass on the current state of the art and future directions in the field of Smart Cyber Space and Cyber Security Challenges.

The Digital Enterprise Show (DES) is an event that offers solutions for different business areas, not just to help improve the competitiveness of companies.

Key figures of the digital transformation revolution are joining the Digital Business Global MBA as faculty board. Discover them and learn with the leaders!

Jordi Damià, Digital Business Global Master‘s Director, breaks the taboo explaining his vision of the digital transformation according to his professional experience applying it in real companies.

Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School participated in the Global Innovation Summit 2017 in Dubai, focusing on Digital Transformation.

The world is moving digital, it is part of everything we do in our daily life but, what about transformation? what is the real digital transformation?

The Human Resources category of the Innovation & Technology blog is focused on Institutional News related to the Business School.

Facing the Digital Revolution: Tips and Tricks. Jens Meggers explores how the right tools can transform your business though technology.

The Anders Indset explains the Digital Revolution as a change of philosophy on the Innovation & Technology blog of the Zigurat Business School.

“For 20 years we have got the Internet of information and now we have the Internet of value.” Alex Tapscott. Blockchain, the Internet’s Future.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) category of the Innovation & Technology blog is focused on Institutional News related to the Business School.

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