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About us

Zigurat is unique and distinguished as a disruptive Business School


Zigurat is a Global Business School focused on Innovation and Technology. We offer a range of programs, including masters, corporate training and events, tailored to professionals and businesses needs. Zigurat’s programs are dynamic and based on the experience and knowledge share of a faculty board, that are digital industry leaders. Driven by a multicultural and talented team, looking to change the educational sector, contribute to the development of society, through disruptive training and digital transformation.


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is a well established educational institute, with 16 years of experience training professionals within Construction, Architecture and Engineering. The Business School was founded from Zigurat’s experience and ambition to provide training for businesses and professionals looking to take part in digital transformation, allowing us to offer a wider range of masters and programs, focusing on other Industries and levels of an organization.


To be a global reference for constant business innovation,
distinguished as a unique and disruptive Business School of educational excellence.


We believe in quality education, adapted to the needs of technological and innovative environments.
Our programs are designed so future leaders can drive the necessary changes for a better society.


From the diversity of our participants to the program’s lecturers and content, Zigurat has a global approach in every aspect. Due to the wide range of sectors and possibilities of building the right program for our participants, professionals from all over the world join our programs.


Our main goal is to be at the forefront of innovative methodologies and industry applications. The members of our faculty board are professionals with experience and have achieved great success. The content and knowledge they share are relevant and current. Due to extensive market research and being in constant development of daily working professional practices is how this is possible


We value what can be built as a community, and by creating an environment where all participants, professors and alumni can succeed to full potential is what we aim for. Support and advice is given by all parties, in form of a network enabling synergies to take place. Our culture is distinguished by the collaboration of individuals of various profiles, levels within an organization, with a common goal of leading a new digital future.


Zigurat’s team is formed by industry experts, influencers and leaders with experience who share knowledge with participants through an immersive methodology driven by results so they can become future industry leaders. The business school engages with students by providing resources for professional development enhanced with an educational excellence.


Zigurat’s masters have high levels of interaction that ensure a global and genuine experience and that clearly contributes to the participant staying active and motivated. Some of the differential values of these masters are the real projects execution, role plays, communities, forums, multimedia and interactive resources, as well as individualized tutoring and follow-up.

Taking care of our Planet

We are committed with economic, social and environmental sustainability of any activity and consider it essential to evolve globally. Zigurat encourages sustainable projects and collaborates with businesses taking part in changing the outcome of what a service or a product can provide. WATTIA is a business that we support and collaborate with. The projects they are involved in are of a sustainable nature, like providing self-sufficient energy, and it is aligned with our concerns in environmental protection.


Zigurat has designed a unique methodology in order to keep you updated with the latest tools and innovations.

Our commitment is not only to share broad professional experience but also to how we approach and exceed outstanding pedagogical excellence, in order to provide our students with a complete perspective of global markets and innovation capabilities.

A faculty board of International Industry leaders in various sectors, constantly updating the content we provide, is what makes our teaching methodology unique. A final individual project, with the guidance of key figures within innovation and technology, will allow you to complete and implement new solutions to your existing business or develop new projects. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative environment, by exchanging ideas and creating synergies with other participants and professors.

Canvas LMS

The nº1 online platform worldwide, the one that makes learning easier.

Virtual Campus

Modern tools and resources that empower and simplify the learning experience


Open, easy-to-use, cloud-native learning management system and Amazon web service hosted

Always ON

Secure like no other LMS and low-risk because native cloud means no versions, no upgrades, no downloads and no migrations
Campus Canvas LMS platform layout

Social Commitment

Zigurat is committed to provide career-oriented grants based on professional experience, financial needs and international access to education. Being aware of the difficulties involved in having the ability to enroll in masters programs, we offer grants to participants who fit the following profiles:

Entrepreneurship Grant

Professionals and businesses that can demonstrate a positive drive towards entrepreneurship, new business projects or related to specializations will be granted financial support as a grant. An evaluation of the proposals will be done by an international committee, determining the outcome of approval.

Grant for Developing Countries

Zigurat has the social responsibility to provide equal access to world-class education whilst guaranteeing international diversification. We offer grants to professionals from developing countries that experience financial limitations and cannot proceed to further education. A distribution of grants, according to countries, editions of the programs and the right profile allows us to choose who will be selected.

Advisory Board

Key figures with experience in global brands, helping us build the digital future.
  • Gianluca Pucacco
    Vice President
    Global Sales Operations at Facebook
  • Anders Indset
    Guest speaker
    Business Philosopher and Author | Top30 Emerging Thinkers (Thinkers 50 – The Oscar’s of Management Thinking)
  • Peter Maynard
    Director Program Management at Microsoft
  • Roland Rust
    Digital Strategy & Product Innovation at 9dots Digital Independent Digital Transformation Consultant
  • Jordi Damiá
    Academic Director
    International Business Strategy Specialist
  • Robin Weninger
    Co-Founder & Managing Director of shapingwork | Managing Director at GTEC | Global Shaper and European Digital Leader at World Economic Forum
  • Oscar Sala
    Ventures Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona. Member of the Board of Directors at Mobeyforum


Academic Certifications

Educational excellence is a key point for participants and so it is an accreditation from an official institution leading in the industry.

Business Certifications

Our participants trust Zigurat not only for its experience with more than 16 years in education but also for its certified quality services.

Program Collaborations

The quality of Zigurat’s programs is also endorsed by faculty board companies and collaborations.