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Zigurat Invites You to Celebrate the World Book Day with Some High-quality Professional Reading


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology organizes a special E-Reader’s Week to mark the World Book day. For that occasion, during the week leading up to April 23rd, our professors and the most distinguished alumni will share with wider audiences the e-books they have written. Starting on 15th of April and culminating on the 22nd, Zigurat will gift each day one of its e-books in engineering, architecture or digital business for free. The eight e-books represented in the 2020 E-Reader’s Week are:
  • April 15th, BIM Management Handbook (EN) - This must-have guide seeks to give an overview of BIM Implementation around the world today. The topics covered in this edition include BIM profiles, uses and drivers, global construction market and BIM around the world, etc.
  • April 16th, Cálculo de Nave Metálica de Perfiles de Sección Constante y Variable según el CTE (ES) - Is a practical e-book where the load calculations shall be performed manually and checked against the calculations obtained with the CYPE 2016 program.
  • April 17thDiseño Estructural Frente a Explosiones (ES) - This e-book by civil engineer Alfredo Arnedo covers characteristics of explosions, shock waves and the equivalent TNT loads and wave model and pressures. 
  • April 18th, Goal-Setting Handbook (EN) - Focused on objectives and key results (OKRs), this comprehensive e-book by Robin Weninger & Sophia Bolz will help the reader to identify what the company needs to achieve and how to get there. 
  Keep up-to-date with advances in your profession through downloading and reading the free e-books brought to you by Zigurat. See all eBooks