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Zigurat and its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda


With two months to go before the end of the year, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology wants to make clear its commitment to sustainability and, by extension, to the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda. Thus, the institute shares its contributions as a leading online Technology Institute in the education sector, aligned with the multiple sustainable goals. This year, Zigurat celebrates its twentieth anniversary as the leading online Training Technology Institute in the education sector, and with it, its consolidation as a global benchmark institution. In this sustainable context, Zigurat shares in society how it’s contributing to the various sustainable development goals proposed in the 2030 Agenda. A commitment that, although innate since the origins of the school, is being channeled and defined clearly and concisely through the different lines of action proposed in the SDGs. The goal of ensuring quality education is certainly one that Zigurat can most effectively and precisely respond to. As an educational online institute of international reference with more than two decades of experience, part of the mission has always been to ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education.  Since 2001, the institution has focused all its efforts on promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all, adapting to changing times and offering a training offer based essentially on innovation, but also on trends and needs of the sector. However, beyond quality education (Objective 4), there are other intrinsic objectives on which Zigurat works tirelessly. These include Gender Equality (Goal 5), Affordable and Clean Energy (Goal 7), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (Goal 9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11), Climate Action (Goal 13) or Partnerships to Achieve the Goals (Goal 17). Find out more about how Zigurat is placed as an environmentally responsible institution. Read the article on Zigurat and the SDGs.