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The Academic Team of Master’s in Global Smart City Manager represents Barcelona in Kiev


The team builded by Xavier Izquierdo, Director of Master’s in Global Smart City Manager of Zigurat and KNOWURBANNET participated as member of the organization in the Business for Smart Cities Expocongress in Kiev (Ukraine). The main objective of the event, which was attended by 150 international speakers, was to boost the sector of smart cities, not only in Ukraine, but throughout the region, the former Soviet and Baltic republics. This initiative has the support of the City Council and its mayor, as well as the Ukrainian government, as well as the sector in general and companies and public administrations of Ukraine, who expressed their interest in the subject during the congress.Eva Bufí, Managing Director in Ardana Consultants, will teach a class on Private Partnership (PPP)During the event, numerous experts expressed their interest in KNOWURBANNET's Think-Tank initiative, that concentrates on the need to structure knowledge as a tool to face the challenges that cities will have to deal with in the years to come. The initiative also aims to address the need to disseminate this knowledge with academic training through the Master’s in Global Smart City Manager of Zigurat and KNOWURBANNET. The holistic and transversal vision of Smart Cities and the reflection contemplated during this training is the most valued by professionals.Eva Bufí, Managing Director in Ardana Consultants,  Private Partnership (PPP) teacher.Xavier Izquierdo,  Master Smart City Manager & KNOWURBANNET Director.