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Announced the LEAN Construction Summit’ new edition


On February 15th and 16th, Zigurat will hold the 2nd edition of  the LEAN Construction Summit event, based on the Global Master in Construction Project Management. The event, celebrated in two days, will discuss the application of LEAN methodology from a sustainability perspective. 

By repeating last year's success, the LEAN Construction Summit will take place on February 15th and 16th. The main goal is to provide knowledge about improving construction processes and discuss sustainable solutions from theory and practical cases. Although the event is already positioned the Lean subject and uses the theoretical basis of Zigurat's Global Master in Construction Project Management, this edition proposes mixed the LEAN methodology approach with sustainability as a protagonist in 2022. 

With the experience of recognized experts in LEAN methodology, we'll analyze the changes that are taking place in the scope of design, planning, and production control in the AECO industry. Then, focusing on understanding the current scenario and thinking about possible solutions, the presentations will discuss some questions: how will we build in the future? How can we achieve sustainability goals? What skills and strategies should we develop to change our reality?

Faced with these questions, the only certainty we have is that the challenges are many, and reality shows us that it is increasingly urgent to learn how to build better and with fewer resources. In this sense, Zigurat aims to approach the Lean Methodology as a driving agent in sustainable construction, articulating the opportunities and challenges of a sustainable future. 

Based on the experience of our programs and Alumni, we propose to imagine a great future in which we will also be potential transformers. Participate in this journey to build a joint vision of LEAN for the next few years. 

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