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Why study BIM for architecture and engineering with Zigurat?

This year has been all about BIM.

Each day more and more companies invest their resources in implementing BIM and the few professionals well-trained in BIM are in high demand.  Many countries have now begun to require BIM in public construction contracts. The UK, Spain, Italy, Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands have already established BIM as mandatory and more are jumping on the bandwagon (ie. Germany, Russia, France, the United States). Although using BIM is not obligatory in Europe yet, the European Union emitted a Directive in 2014 recommending its adoption and since then, the 28 member states have begun putting forth initiatives with the objective of creating a strategy for BIM adoption. Working in BIM permits the sharing of the same model between all the agents that intervene in the construction and maintenance of a project.

Benefits of studying BIM Online at Zigurat

Zigurat’s Master’s in BIM Management  and in BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects contain the only BIM courses that will train you in 100% of the competencies necessary for the implantation of BIM methodology in 4 of the most demanded BIM software programs. Here are some reasons to learn BIM with Zigurat. Hands-on Practical Learning With a more practical and hands-on learning methodology, students gain real experience during the program through BIM modeling classes and simulated projects. Our unique methodology, which focuses on collaborative work through BIM servers, allows students to simulate the roles involved in each project. Participants study the main characteristics of organizations taking into account their size, from large corporations to small offices (Big BIM and Little BIM), and the roles that can be found in each company type. Companies are analyzed systematically and effectively to define different implementation strategies based on time, resources, training, pilot projects, etc.  

Working in collaboration with BIM I Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

Robin McAdoo, a student of the 2018 edition of the Global BIM Management Master's Program, explains what she learned from working with different teams worldwide.   Globalization and Networking with BIM consultants around the world. Zigurat’s master’s programs take into account the fact that markets are interconnected and incorporate this global perspective by teaching students how to be fully capable in different software. They learn Revit, ArchiCAD, AECOsim and become familiar with different standards around the world such as buildingSMART ISO standards, Uniclass and Omniclass and well as BRE standards. Additionally, they become part of an enriching exchange of experiences as their colleagues and professors live and work in more than 30 different countries. During the academic year Zigurat organizes face-to-face sessions to give continuity to the online training. In these days networking between teachers and students promote the work and business of each of the students. Additionally, Zigurat hosts events where our faculty, companies and associations come together and meet our students. International Certifications in BIM Our students are able to opt for international certifications such as CanBIM (from the Canadian BIM Council) BRE Level 2 certification, and many more. Obtaining these BIM certifications gives students the chance to opt for international professional opportunities. Professional Opportunities As a student, you may join BIMCommunity, a BIM social platform where more than 8,000 professionals are able to publish content and find employment in leading BIM companies.  Where users can discover upcoming events in the sector; find articles, books, guides, case studies, software and find out about professional opportunities.

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