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Why Learn BIM Online?

More working professionals choose to learn BIM online

  The consolidation of the digital age and the ease of getting information and connecting with others anywhere in the world has made distance learning more competitive each year. In the AECO sector, the digital and BIG Data era made e-learning + BIM methodology a necessary mixture.


Through e-learning methodology students are able to communicate through various means and boost interactivity with other professionals from different continents. Not to mention the flexibility of time and place. Distance learning has been consolidating through generations and has been developing and improving according to industrialization and technology. Despite the changes, this has always been aimed at professional training, that is, for the training of professionals who need certain skills required in the labor market. Spain is one of the pioneer countries in this methodology, in 1972 the "National University of Distance Education" emerged in an "early" manner, in which a process of integration with undergraduate students and specializations was initiated worldwide. This structure of education grows 14 times more than conventional education in the world, concluding that it is the teaching methodology is gaining the most strength all over the world. Canada is one of the countries where this methodology stands out drastically, where 53 of the 56 universities offer distance learning courses. Today, the world's major universities are offering short- and long-term courses, further increasing their popularity and enabling students from anywhere in the world to enroll and be part of the thousands of students who study or have studied there.

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

It is in this context that Zigurat begins its trajectory, more precisely in the year 2001, initially in the Spanish market and then expanding to the international market. Zigurat currently operates in 15 Latin American countries. In 2014, it began its journey towards Brazil along with NossoBIM consolidating itself with the most complete international training in BIM. In 2016, Zigurat began offering  global training with programs for the Anglo-Saxon market. The Master’s in Global BIM Management is a successful formula because it connects two methodologies that work and makes them work better together.

Why is this important? 

In BIM methodology, collaborative work at a distance is a requirement.  With BIM the professionals involved have the necessary tools to design and manage all phases of a project with no radius limits. Through servers and cloud storage, those involved get all the information in a synchronized way and are able to keep track of the progress and revisions of a project day by day.

Zigurat's online learning methodology

This teaching methodology allows the student several advantages:
  • Flexible hours
  • Adapt the study to any location.
  • Contact with other professionals of the same sector (national and international)
  • Training without additional expenses such as transportation and extra materials.
  • Interactivity
Zigurat uses Canva, a virtual campus, where students can find:
  • Contents
  • Technical forums with teachers and other free forums for students
  • Files of work
  • Self-assessment tests
  • Training agenda
  • Recordings of seminars with teachers.
  • Custom tutoring
In addition, our campus has a project management platform, cloud storage, servers and licenses for more than 12 BIM tools. In this e-learning training, Zigurat replicates BIM methodology through differentiated content, as well as the development of collaborative projects. Connecting with students through real projects with servers, they are provided with an intense multi-platform BIM practice and are able to network with other students. This way they may acquire BIM project management skills at the development and implementation level.   Want to learn more about the Master's in Global BIM Management? Click on this banner below.

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology