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The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), redefines digital and physical development, through AI, analytics, cloud technologies and IoT. The automation of systems which can provide better cyber-physical communication is the key to this revolution. Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation of the industrial markets. It involves the full value chain. From suppliers, materials, manufacturing processes to its distribution and final destinations, leaving to consumer. The purpose of creating such systems is to eliminate inefficiency, irrelevance and unnecessary costs involved in the intermediary process of the supply chain. The consequence of a smooth process will produce faster results, which in a global scale, consumer-centric products and service are expected to have close to immediate deliveries.Zigurat’s Industry 4.0 Management Program explores major advancements in data and analytics, focusing on combining the physical and the digital worlds to improve productivity. Throughout the course, our professors, who are leaders in Digital Transformation, will share knowledge and experience, helping you to identify where change is needed.The program is broken down into the following modules:
  • M1. Today’s Competitiveness Models
  • M2. Basic people skills and competencies
  • M3. Management and innovation models
  • M4. Digital Business enablers
  • M5. Purchasing
  • M6. Distribution
  • M7. Logistics
  • M8. Production
  • M9. Electrification and sustainable consumption
  • M10. Industry 4.0

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