Global MBA in
Digital Business

Master’s Degree by the IL3-Universitat de Barcelona:

Program Date:
May 2021


One Academic Year
(60 ECTS)


Method of delivery:
100% Online

In collaboration with:

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Disrupt the Industry

The Digital Business Global MBA has been designed for professionals who want to foster their technological and decision-making skills and add a differential value to increase their competitiveness in the global market.

The fundamental goal of the Digital Business Global MBA is to guide you on how to redefine the way your organization performance through digitalization. We will focus on how digital transformation will have a positive impact across all levels and departments of an organization, including Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Logistics, Human Resources and other departments. By completing the program, participants will have a better understanding of innovative methodology and how digital tools can improve the strategies and processes of a business. The final project is focused on a full Digital Transformation of an existing company


Who is it for?


Typical participants of this program are professionals of various backgrounds, looking to develop new skills in Digital Transformation.


Businesses that are keen to explore and adopt innovative methodologies.


Consultants, looking to further develop the value of their guidance by understanding different methodologies and applying innovative approaches to a project.

Academic Content

Understanding Digital Foundations

How to gain competitiveness through digital solutions

Module 1. Current and Digital Business Models

Customer Centricity & Loyalty

How to adapt your company to current customers and attract new ones

Module 1. Digital Maturity and Innovation

Module 2. Human Resources, People Profiles

Transformation of the Value Chain

Doing operations the right way

Module 1. Doing Operations the Right Way

Module 2. Marketing and Sales

Module 3. Finances & FICO

Module 4. New IT Governance Models

Innovation Accelerators

How to add digital value to your company

Module 1. New Business Accelerators

Module 2. Future Impacts

To complete the program, the participants are expected to present the master’s final thesis. This project is focused on a full Digital Transformation of an existing company of participant’s free choice. It includes all the relevant aspects covered during the master’s program. The master’s final thesis encourages the participants to apply a full digital transformation project on their businesses or other enterprises in which they are involved.

The project’s tutor will offer mentoring sessions for the participants in order to follow up with the performance of the final thesis. All the professors provide consultancy services in their field of expertise to help with the thesis development.


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Alumni Success Stories

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Faculty Board

  • Jordi Damiá
    Academic Director
    International Business Strategy Specialist
  • Olivier Van Duüren
    Founder of The Dualarity Former Microsoft Executive
  • Robin Weninger
    Co-Founder & Managing Director of shapingwork
  • Erik Van Haaren
    CEO and Senior Advisor at Quality Transformation
  • Lilia Stoyanov
    CEO at Transformify
  • Angela Shen-Hsieh
    Director, Product Innovation, Predicting Human Behavior at Telefonica
  • Juan Carlos Guitérrez
    CTO at Setesca, a consulting services company specialized in innovative IT Strategy, Externalization Solutions and innovative products.
  • Xavier Capellades
    Director, Global Head of Ideation and Digital Innovation at ROCHE
  • Christian Rangen
    CEO & Co-Founder of Engage // Innovate Strategy Transformation Advisor & Angel Investor
  • Rodrigo Junco Nicolau
    HR Senior Advisor,Consultor Estratégico RRHH , HR Director
  • Valerio Alessandroni
    Guest Professor at Tallinn Technical University Senior Consultant at EFCC
  • Oscar Sala
    Ventures Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona. Member of the Board of Directors at Mobeyforum
  • Voyislav Stojanović-Osinsky
    Responsible for Sales Development for Health and Investment Products at AXA Spain
  • Martin Piqueras
    Business Director & Technology Leader at Aqualogy Business Software, Suez Group
  • Roberto Barriga
    Business Partner & Services Delivery MGR at Almirall

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