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Shedding Some Light on the Importance of BIM in the Lighting Industry

José Manuel Ostos Espadero who perfectioned his BIM training with Zigurat and is currently working for Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG lets us peek into the work he has been carrying out for the market leader in Switzerland and one of the leading manufacturers in Europe when it comes to lighting solutions in BIM Lighting Industry. A few weeks ago, Regent held the BIM Brainstorming conference PDT STEERING on data management and its different possibilities with some case studies with companies like SIEMENS. Regent was in charge of describing how the digitalization should approach the manufacturing of lighting On 20.5.2019 Regent successfully organized the first Digital BIM Conference thanks to CRB. The conference’s aim was the active exchange and brainstorming with other industrial companies, electrical planners and civil engineers. It was an honor to host the second ‘’PDT Steering Komitee’’ with companies like Amstein+Walthert or Salzmannag with special mention of SIEMENS. The management of information throughout the life cycle of the building is an important topic, so this event focused on explaining what the PDT are (Product Data Template) and its different possibilities with case studies in 3 different companies. Questions emerged as: - Which regulations should be used for BIM data management? - How to scale the information with different levels? - What tools can be used for this? - How to manage all files that are offered to the customer? - Examples of management of Digital Twin? - What organizations are changing the Swiss BIM standards and how can we collaborate? Regent presented his vision on how the digitalization should approach a manufacturing of lighting, highlighting the concepts of Digital Twin and the impact that will have in the future not only the data management during the realization of the processes of the company, but also the unification of the BIM methodology with sensors, among other technologies that make up an Intelligent Building controlled by a digital model. On the other hand, Regent had the opportunity to explain how the structure of the models works during the life cycle of the building in a BIM project. In addition to mentioning where one of the possible services in collaboration with the client would fit, even general advantages that would be obtained by correctly implementing the BIM. It is very important being able to understand our customers. That's why the following steps will be to continue advancing with the market and know how to adapt to digital disruption. To understand the customer's expectations as well as the needs Regent will continue to carry out digital conferences to involve different engineers, architects and electricity planners. Endscape Regent Lighting: BIM Thinking BIM Lighting Industry BIM Lighting Industry BIM Lighting Industry BIM Lighting Industry BIM Lighting Industry

José Manuel Ostos Espadero Alumni del Máster Internacional BIM Manager. BIM Manager en Regent Lighting.


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