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A new era for Zigurat Global Institute of Technology starts today

After 16 years of offering professional development for the AEC industry, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology continues expanding into new industries. This year, Zigurat launched the Technology & Innovation Business School. This school is focused on a more comprehensive profile, from any area of business, for professionals who want to lead the change to transform and redefine their company. Today, November 21, the first program ever of the new business school of Zigurat, the Digital Business Global Master, will begin. Focusing on new areas and various types of educational programs.
The first edition has seen enrollment from professionals from more than 20 different countries working in leading companies of the business sector. Thanks for all of your support
Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School - the brand new area of Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is focused on the application of knowledge collected over 16 years to create methodologies which can then be applied to the new available digital processes. We do this through the use of technology and innovation, all of which is then implemented in the business.We are compiling all of our programs together with the best experts in the industry who will offer their guidance throughout the process from start to finish. During these years, we have applied all our efforts to prepare the best profile for the competitive industry world. Now is the moment to create the best profile for the ongoing digital transformation which is worldwide. By sharing our partnerships with leaders, we offer you the freedom to drive your digital transformation and to begin new challenges.The Digital Business Global Master has been designed for all those professionals who want to foster their technological and decision-making skills and add a differential value to increase their competitiveness in the global market.This program is provided by leaders, experienced executives and will drive you into Digital Transformation excellence. Real-case studies based on multiple levels of experience will guarantee you being more competitive and taking only right decisions in the future. Study online at any time that is convenient for you. Join us for the 3 days Summit in Barcelona to take an advantage of networking sessions. Additionally, under our guidance, people will not only understand but learn how to implement decision-making skills in order to elevate the existing level of the organization under their management to a higher level of productivity and market orientation. This course is not exclusively for “Tech Guys”, but is available for anyone who would like to be equipped with the tools to become a leader in the digital procedures of a company. No company can avoid this change and therefore all businesses must adapt their workflows to continue to compete in the current market. What Zigurat does is offers you the possibility of not only getting ahead in this marketing adjustment but rather to pioneer this movement.

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