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What is the most wanted professional profile in the AEC industry?

Are you already familiar with the AEC industry? Would you like to become a skilled AeC professional? In this article, we will reveal crucial information about the AEC industry and the ideal professional profile that the industry is looking for.

What is the AEC industry?

The AEC industry is a concept for the world of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). It is an interdisciplinary area that connects all the functions of a construction project, from the moment of idealization to the execution work, such as earthworks, drainage, urban mobility, costs, materials, project structure, impact on the surroundings, and sustainable solutions.

The ideal profile

Being a skilled professional gives you more job opportunities nowadays. However, knowing the ideal profile of the professional your area seeks to hire, will make you get the job of your dreams. For this, it is essential to always be up-to-date with what is new in the area, seek knowledge, and take innovative courses. Every investment in the present will lead you to success in the future. The AEC industry is modernizing, so it is convenient for you to use tools that help in the execution of a project and that allow all parts of the construction phase to go together, to make it as successful as possible. Therefore, today the ideal professional profile for the AEC industry masters all the knowledge and tools of Building Information Modeling (BIM). 

The BIM methodology 

The BIM methodology is already present and being used in the AEC industry. It is divided into two groups: the little BIM, is what we call the project development channel, best known in the industry for its use of software and proper communication. The Big BIM represents the content of the methodology, where tools are no longer the main focus and gives way to guidelines and protocols. This phase is focused on decision-making and dedicated to information.

Advantages of BIM skills

One of the advantages of the professionals working with the BIM, is the easy access to the information, and the possibility to create, make modifications, and even alter the project, according to each function. Every step is represented in the project and it can be done together. The program has additional tools, in which it is possible to identify the type of material that will be used, manufacturer, thickness, length, height, thermal and acoustic properties, and also presents the total costs, among other features.  Often people have the idea that BIM  is just software, when in fact it is a working methodology. By becoming an expert, you will see a variety of career paths to follow.There is many others possibilities for you if you are specialized in BIM, such as:  BIM Consultant, BIM Modeler, BIM Technician, BIM Designer, BIM Product Designer, BIM Engineer, BIM Architect, Facilities Manager. And the list is still growing. Having knowledge or some BIM course or online BIM course will make the AEC professional stand out. Nowadays, this is the differential that the AEC industry is looking for to hire its employees.

What is the best way to become an BIM expert?

Now that you know the professional your area seeks to hire, choosing a BIM course is the first step to take. Several online BIM courses are available on the internet, some paid and some free. Your choice will depend on which course you think is right for you. Whether you are a beginner, a student, or a professional in the field, this is your opportunity to excel and be successful!

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