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BIMCommunity, The First International BIM Social Network

Be part of a BIM social network will boost your personal brand in the construction sector

Imagine being a part of an international BIM social network where you can connect with other BIM experts. Inspiring yourself in their experiences using BIM in their projects or companies. Learning new techniques and methodologies. And staying up to date on how digital transformation in the AECO sector is evolving. Nowadays, social networks have become an excellent channel for communication not only in the personal realm but also in the professional. Professionally it is increasingly important to expand your network of contacts and be visible. Most likely, right now it will not be in your plans to create a profile in a new professional social network, if you already have a Linkedin profile. However, what if there was a social network only for professionals and BIM companies? A platform where you can share your knowledge and experience, download technical content, access guides, books, software, know the successes and failures of BIM projects developed by other professionals, find employment, and much more. If your goal is to position yourself as a BIM expert and attract an international audience then BIMCommunity is your social network.

A 100% BIM global community

There are now countless architectural platforms, including architecture and engineering forums in several languages, but so far there is no other platform that focuses almost entirely on BIM. With more than 10,000 members from over 140 countries, BIMCommunity has become an international reference for BIM News and social networking. It is also available in 10 languages. The diversity of profiles interested in the BIM methodology is constantly increasing. So too is the implementation of new technologies in the construction sector. Understanding the need to provide BIM information and content on a small scale, BIMCommunity has developed 6 regional communities: BIMCo España, BIMCo Latam, BIMCo Middle East, BIMCo Europe, BIMCo Brasil and BIMCo India with more to come. Which is yours? In these regional communities, users can access a BIM social network of their own country or region. There they can access the latest news, the most innovative tools and professional opportunities. Users can also connect with others located in their territory.bim-social-network  

Create your BIM brand

Faced with a demanding market in which BIM is breaking into force, every day there are more professionals who specialize in this collaborative work methodology. In this context, differentiation is vital. What value do you bring to the market, to your audience, to the company where you work? Communicate it to your network! To increase your visibility effectively in the digital environment, you must define a positioning strategy (with objectives) and create your own personal brand. And of course, once you get going, you can not forget to be constant. Interact and be active in the channels in which you are present. In the words of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, your personal brand is what they say about you when they are not in front of you. That we can’t control. It is not what you say you are, but what others perceive you to be. How do I want to be found? What do I want you to know about me? Define your professional goals, draw the roadmap, create your professional profile in an appropriate social network and act according to your goals. If you choose BIMCommunity, we will take care of the rest to boost your BIM brand. Building a prestigious personal brand in the right channel can translate into very interesting professional opportunities:
  • Improve your work position. If you are thinking of changing jobs, it is important that the selectors can associate your personal brand with the needs of the company: BIM!
  • Create a solid and potential network of contacts, focused on your short and long term objectives.
  • Promote your recognition in the sector and, consequently, your visibility and positioning as an expert.
  • Highlight your projects, generate value to your network and demonstrate your experience.

Your next job will find you on social networks

And what better way to be found than on a specialized social network that demonstrates your expertise? In the 2014 Infoempleo-Adecco Report on Social Networks and the Labor Market, 69% of those responsible for human resources surveyed affirm that they use social networks to select candidates.

Boost your BIM talent and become the perfect candidate for BIM profile selectors.

Follow these tips and succeed in the selection process!
  • Complete your profile. The companies will make the selection with the information presented in it. Explain what you are an expert in and differentiate yourself from other candidates!
  • Update your contact information. Make sure the phone and email address are correct. You can also include other social profiles.
  • Include a CV. The traditional Curriculum is the perfect complement to apply to the vacancies of your interest. Some companies also value a cover letter where you explain your professional career, motivations and expectations.
  • Set the employment alert. And you will receive directly in your email the offers related to your professional profile.
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It's time to create your profile in BIMCommunity! 

You already know some of the main reasons to be part of the fastest growing BIM social network in the world. In this seminar, presented by Alexandra Ramírez, Head of Communications at BIMCommunity, you will learn how to develop and optimize your professional profile, as well as improve your international networking and increase the visibility of your projects, articles and portfolio. In it you will learn about the main features of the platform and new tips to make the most of the first BIM professional social network in the world. BIMCommunity has been created by Zigurat Global Institute of Technology with the aim of promoting the adoption of the BIM methodology and new technologies in the construction sector, while spreading knowledge throughout the world.

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