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10 reasons to study the Master's in Global BIM Management

The Global BIM Management Master's Program is the only program that will train you with 100% of the necessary competences for the implementation of the BIM methodology in the 4 most demanded architecture software. Working in BIM allows sharing the same model among all those agents involved in the construction and maintenance of a project. Every day there are more companies that invest resources in BIM implementation and the few expert professionals in them are highly valued. In many countries have begun to demand BIM in public works contracts. Here are the 10 main reasons why you should study the Global BIM Management Master's Program at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology.

1. Global certifications

The Global BIM Management Master's Program at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology and BIM Freelance, has international professional certifications such as the official CanBIM certification. This certification is internationally recognized and complies with the BIM standards stipulated in Canada, one of the pioneer and most active countries in this methodology worldwide. Obtaining this certification will help industry professionals to get job offers from anywhere in the world and have a title with international endorsement. It’s also the first program to obtain the BIM Manager Professional Profile Certification offered by the Professional Certification Agency (ACP) of Spain and is under the International Standard ISO 17.024.   In addition, it also has the most important BIM software endorsement worldwide:         BIM isn’t only software. A BIM Manager must know BIM from a wide range of applications to be competitive. Director of the program, Antonio Tort, and lecturer Vladimir Domínguez speak about the need to know how to work with different software and collaborative platforms from the perspective of a BIM Manager.

2. International job opportunities

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology offers international employment opportunities to participants in its Global BIM Management Master's program. In this video, Enrollment Advisor Dovilé Stazyte and Manager of Global Programs Enrollment Justin Aungst speak about these international job opportunities that are available to participants thanks to Zigurat’s agreements with human resource companies around the world.  

3. An online program with face-to-face summits 

During the academic year Zigurat organizes face-to-face sessions in different locations such as Barcelona, Miami or Singapore, to give continuity to the online training with face-to-face classes and master classes of the most relevant teachers and collaborating companies of the program. In these days it is also used to make networking between teachers and students, in order to promote the work and business of each of the students. In addition, Zigurat organizes each year its own events in order to promote knowledge and exposure of real projects from the hands of our faculty, companies and associations collaborating with the master. We invite our students on a preferential basis to all the events, where we have the opportunity to meet them live and promote networking.

4. More ambitious professional projection

  Companies increasingly need and seek profiles with international vocation, so that your profile will be revalued by it as well as by the specific skills for this professional role. A Global BIM Manager has the responsibility to create a team with experience in BIM, from which the organization must face the new challenges, transmit and foster a collaborative culture with an eye on the future of the industry.  

5.  The BIM will be required by law

The BIM methodology is not yet mandatory in Europe, however the European Parliament issued a directive in 2014 urging the 28 member countries of the Union to implement the BIM in all public projects. Many goverments already are on track, and they are carrying out initiatives to implement BIM in their countries in both public and private sector.

6. You will you bring more value and competitiveness to your company

The Global BIM Management Master's Program will provide you a strategic business vision through competencies that traditionally characterized the sector, combined with the new technologies and the use of them that will constitute an increase in your qualification and competitiveness in the labor market. The projects will be developed during the program throughout its life cycle under the Integrated Practice, from its conception, design, construction, maintenance-operations and rehabilitation or demolition.

7. Market grows increasingly more global

Following the global crisis of 2008, the need to look for new markets as a business strategy for growth has increased, and with it the demand for professionals capable of adapting to numerous environments to carry out internationalization strategies for projects in the AECO sector. In the Global BIM Management Certification Program all subjects have a global perspective so that they are not learned according to a regional methodology, but all the software (Revit, ArchiCAD, AECOsim and Allplan), standards (buildingSMART ISO standards, Uniclass and Omniclass formats ...), process flows and set of competences acquired during the training year is applicable in each particular context that the professional lives. In addition to this, there is an enriching exchange of experiences thanks to being able to share training with students who live and apply their professional activity in more than 30 different countries.  

8. International networking

Thanks to the methodology of the program, which has collaborative work in its basis, through BIM servers, simulating exactly the roles and experimenting in the student's own skin the realization of projects. The students will study the main characteristics of the organizations taking into account their size, from large corporations to small offices (Big BIM and Little BIM) will be seen, and the individual key roles in each of the institutions. Companies will be analyzed systematically and effectively to define implementation strategies based on time, resources, training, pilot projects, etc. With all this, we prepare the student facing the different possibilities that can be found in a competitive sector in which the relationships and professional ties are the present and the future of the projects.

9. You will be part of the biggest BIM professional social network of the world

Being a student of Zigurat Global Institute of Technology will allow you to join BIMCommunity, the largest BIM social platform of the world, where more than 8,000 professionals are in contact, publish content in up to 10 different languages and seek employment in the most advanced BIM companies. A place where you can find out about upcoming events in the sector; find articles, books, guides, case studies, software and apps; a place to find work and opportunities; In short, a place to learn and move forward together towards a new era that will change everything.

10. The most innovative e-learning methodology

More than 90% of our students are working professionals. With this in mind, our program has been developed with a blended methodology that takes all the things that you know and love about a traditional full time university program and combines it with the convenience that can only be found in an online program.   We have designed this program with complete flexibility in mind. If you miss a class due to work, other studies, illness or holidays, or any other personal reason, you do not need to worry. All the program content is posted online to our virtual campus, where you will be able to access it at any time that is convenient for you. Worried about missing out on a discussion? All presentations/activities/readings/etc. have their own discussion forum where you can leave any comments or questions and the lecturers will be available to answer you directly.

Our students speak…


"The thing I value the most about this program is the depth knowledge that the professors have" Robin McAdoo, student of the 2017/2018 edition    

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