Industry 4.0 for a better Operational Intelligence

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Presented by:

Valerio Alessandroni Professor Digital Business Global MBA at Zigurat Innovation School

Valerio Alessandroni

Professor at Tallinn Technical University Technical Director at EFCC

Studied Electric Engineering and worked as a designer of industrial equipment, before starting an international training and consulting activity in Industrial Automation. Some of the covered subjects are digital electronics, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, fieldbus and network technologies, Profibus and Profinet, etc. He has also been Technical Director of b2b publications like Ingegneria Elettronica, Automazione Oggi, Fieldbus & Networks and Controllo e Misura. Certified Profibus and Profinet Engineer.


There’s something that all manufacturers could and should do to achieve a higher level of operational intelligence: optimize their data. Process industries generate enormous volumes of data, but gathering data in itself is not necessarily helpful. The real challenge is knowing how to acquire the right data and analyze it in the production process context and map the information to the KPIs. Our professor, Valerio Alessandroni will dedicate this free masterclass to Manufacturing Analytics and data-driven approach so you can clarify any doubts you might have about Industry 4.0.

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