Digital Business Certified Master

Master Certification by the School of Continued Education - Universidad de Barcelona

It is with great pleasure that we announce a collaboration with the School of Continuing Education of the Universitat de Barcelona which is now certifying our Global MBA in Digital Business.

School of Continuing Education of the Universidad de Barcelona

The School of Continuing Education of the Universitat de Barcelona has currently renewed the brand and its logo, by modernizing all entities that make up the UB Group. The evolution symbolizes the international vocation that the institute has and confirms its commitment to the development of talent and knowledge management.

Masters Degree Certified by:

Global MBA in Digital Business

The Global MBA in Digital Business has been designed for working professionals who want to develop new technological and innovative skills, adding a differential value to improve competitiveness, profitability and overall productivity of an organization.

The Importance of Certification

There are many types of educational programs, some being new. By introducing a new program in an emerging global market, certification is one of the factors of strength it can differentiate one from another. Professionals who have been participants and trained by an accredited by a Business School and then credentialed through a University, have the highest standards of recognition and an increased potential to succeed. Clients and employers expect quality and excellence, by achieving the completion of a program with high standard, demonstrates commitment and…

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