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3D laser scanning and the Cintoo Cloud collaborative platform


Norconsult experts for Reality Capture and ScanToBIM are regularly engaged in projects for rehabilitation of existing buildings.

Digitization by means of 3D scanning, and production of true As-Built data and models is a requirement for all such projects from early phase.

By scanning existing buildings as early as possible and by employing Cintoo Cloud, we enable all project partners to immerse into areas we work with.

Functionality available from Cintoo allows all project members to access and interact with datasets, plan, register and follow up actions within a Digital Twin of our project objects, quality check and coordinate models from all disciplines and partners and more.

During our presentation we share our experience of use of Cintoo for projects we manage for a large organization that runs several large projects within rehabilitation and we explain the benefits for different groups of users.

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Artemis Valanis

Head of ScanToBIM Applications, Norconsult AS

ScanToBIM expert working on business development, innovation and R&D for Norconsult, Norway’s largest engineering Consultancy.


Daniel Chamorro

International sales and business development

Cloud based point cloud management, integrated digital twin workflows, collaboration, innovative 3D visualisation modes for laser scans.