Li Chong Lee

Infrastructure Analyst - AIE at Controladoria Geral da União - CGU
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PhD and Master's Degree in Structures and Civil Construction from UnB. Specialist in Infrastructure Policies by the National School of Public Administration - Enap. With a background in Civil Engineering, he works mainly in intelligent solutions in BIM projects, implementation and operation. He acted as representative of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Union - CGU in the NATIONAL BIM DIFFUSION STRATEGY - BIM BR STRATEGY, established by Decree No. 9,377, of May 17, 2018.

He is a member of ABECE - Brazilian Association of Structural Engineering and Consulting; He is currently an Infrastructure Analyst at CGU acting as Engineering and Architecture Management Coordinator. University Professor since 2003. Partner of ALL LTDA - Training and production of intelligent projects in Structural Engineering, geotechnical and BIM consulting and has accumulated the preparation and technical analysis of projects in Judicial and Extrajudicial Expertise where the field of expertise is related to the development of structural projects, special and large structures, foundations and containment, rehabilitation and reinforcement.

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