Juan Felipe Pons

CEO de THINK IN LEAN SL, Arquitecto Técnico. Formador y Consultor Lean Construction y Lean Manufacturing. Green Belt Lean Six Sigma y Máster-Practitioner en Programación. Neurolingüística.
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El conocimiento del problema es la clave de la solución.

Technical Architect with more than 300 professional visas from 1997 to 2012, Master's Degree in Building Management, University Specialist in Lean Manufacturing, Green Belt Lean Six Sigma and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Trainer of the 2014 AIRBUS Lean Learning Academy to 2019. Author of books and articles, disseminator, trainer and Lean Construction consultant, he has taught his courses and conferences at 22 universities, has trained thousands of students and professionals, in 15 countries in Europe and America, in more than 100 companies and organizations, and more than 250 LEAN events and projects. One of the most widely read Lean Construction authors in the world and an international reference in LC. KOBAH Award (Koskela, Ballard, Alarcón, Howell) for excellence in Lean Construction, in 2022. Director of the ZIGURAT International Master in Construction Project Management. Author of the THINK IN LEAN® method. CEO and founding partner of THINK IN LEAN S.L.

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