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Zigurat’s Study Highlights the Most Widely Adopted Digital Solutions


To celebrate the new edition of Global MBA in Digital Business, Setesca and Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School carried out a survey that asked the companies about the most widely adopted digital solutions and employability in the digital era.
The study “Future of Jobs in the Digital Era"  involved 307 companies from Spain, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain and Colombia among others, and found that more than 85% of the companies are implementing digital transformation processes. Digital transformation is set to be the major catalyst for change in all industries. The aim of the study was to determine which are the technologies that the companies have adopted so far and which are the best strategies to guarantee one’s employability in the current job market. Companies have recognized the importance of digital and focused their digital strategy and spending The study reveals that organizations’ efforts to go digital are picking up steam, as 69.6% of the respondents apply Big Data solutions, 56,5% are using Cloud Computing and 52.2% employ CRM software. The majority of respondents (96.3%) admit that the implementation of digital tools and processes will improve the company's results in the short and medium term. 62.5% of organizations have invested more than 100,000 euros in implementing digital processes, as digitalization has become a critical asset in many companies’ quest for growth. Achieving Lifelong Employability in the Digital Era Requires Constant Training Half of the respondents predict that up to one-quarter of their tasks will be automated sooner rather than later, compared to 32.5% who see between 25%-50% of their functions automated in the near future. However, no respondent fears the disappearance of their profession in its entirety. Training in management (50%) and technical competencies (30.8%) are highlighted as the solution to better meet the market need and achieve one’s lifelong employability. The need for management training that also approaches the technical and digital competencies necessary to succeed in the current market was also the reason why Zigurat launched its Global MBA in Digital Business, and it has already come to its fifth edition that will take off in September. The importance of staying updated is also corroborated by the analysis, according to which guaranteeing the employability of many profiles could also involve creating one's own business (42.3%), participating in startups (30.8%) or acquiring a new role with more working options (26.9%).