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ZIGURAT wins Bentley Training Partner Awards for the second year in a row


Bentley’s awards recognise the quality, commitment and value proposition of its strategic partners.

Once again, ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has won the Bentley Systems Training Partner Excellence Awards. The software company presents the award annually to recognise the partners that go the extra mile in their commitment and truly drive the success of their users. 

Excellence Awards

Bentley Systems has been delivering Training Partner Excellence Awards since 2017 among its most outstanding partners. In this edition, 25 institutions have received awards within three categories. However, only ZIGURAT and the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (Singapore) appear in the category dedicated to Strategic Training Partners. 

As Bentley points out, this award honours those institutions that have generated significant value for their members during 2022 and have stood out for their quality and performance.

“We are very grateful to receive this recognition for our commitment to excellence, educational innovation and continuous improvement“, says Pau F. Aldomà, CEO of ZIGURAT. “As a training institution, we strive daily to offer the best experience to our students, and this award reflects our success in this mission”, he concludes. 

Towards a future marked by collaboration

The Training Partner Awards are more than a recognition of excellence; they are also a tribute to business collaboration as a way to go further.

At ZIGURAT, we are committed to dialogue and interaction between the community, organisations and institutions. Specifically, we have been collaborating with Bentley Systems for five years to improve and optimise professionals’ technological skills

Thanks to this agreement, we can create learning scenarios for our students, enabling them to adapt and keep up to date in a constantly changing sector. In this way, we help them to consolidate a booming professional career and to disseminate and promote their talent in the industry.