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Zigurat Rebroadcasts ‘Global Blockchain Summit’


Due to the resounding success of the first edition and the popular demand, on the 16th of April, Zigurat will rebroadcast the highlights of the Global Blockchain Summit. To showcase the global blockchain community and give wider audiences a glimpse of the broad range of applications that are changing the way of doing business and governing, Zigurat brings back its online event that encompasses everything from the basics and existing governance frameworks to tech and industry applications.  During more than 3 hours, a range of possible tech applications will be discussed, such as cryptonomics ICOs and STOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain in the field of IoT, etc. as for the industry use cases, logistics, finance, construction, and the legal world will be put into focus.  The lineup of the summit offers half an hour presentations by industry leaders, tech visionaries, business influencers and representatives of companies and nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing blockchain technology. Among the latter ones are BLASEA, European Blockchain Association, GILT, ZenBit Tech, IOTA Foundation, KIM Global, Appetite for Disruption and BlockBIM Project.  Many of the speakers - Daniel Diemers, Robin Weninger, David Wohde, etc. -  are also professors at the Zigurat Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies, so it’s a good opportunity to check them out and find out more about their teaching style.  The global blockchain summit will start at 3 PM on Thursday, the 16th of April, 2020. The participation in the summit is free of charge and you can register here: Register here