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Zigurat Invites to a Boost Talk by James Basha


In times of uncertainty, leadership is essential. That is why Zigurat offers to its students, staff, faculty board and wider audiences the possibility to participate on May 20th at 7:00 PM in an inspirational online session with James Basha. Known motivational coach, international speaker, and mentor, James Basha will present the keys to becoming a great leader. His talk will allow the participants to unlock their greatness by identifying and working on personal strengths. By exploring the most common types of personal growth patterns, he will also showcase how some leaders can make their employees thrive while others lack the ability to motivate in such way. Throughout his international career, James Basha has had the opportunity to work with great leaders and pioneers in the business field. During this time, he observed that while we all are born with potential, very few of us know how to take the necessary steps to achieve it fully. Inspired by those observations and the examples of great leadership he had come upon, James has been developing strategies and formulas to promote personal growth, leadership, communication, and teamwork. Zigurat has already collaborated with James Basha on previous occasions when he took the stage as a speaker at the Barcelona Student Week in July 2019. His transversal sessions dedicated, besides leadership, to soft and social skills such as team building or communication, were among the most popular and best-rated workshops.  Based on that warm welcome and feedback, Zigurat puts forward this new collaboration with Basha to give the leaders around the world that motivation boost to keep up their good work and grow through shared experiences and best practices.  Join James Basha's online boost talk with Zigurat and become your greatest you! Register now