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Zigurat celebrates inaugural conferences of 10 of its master’s programs


Once again, in May, many editions of Zigurat masters begin. On this occasion, we inaugurate a total of 10 editions accompanied by our academic team in an institutional welcome day where, as every year, each of the programs will be presented to all participants in a virtual-face-to-face manner. A total of 10 programs are officially launched today for dozens of participants, all of whom are professionals who have decided to take a step forward in their respective professional careers. From this very moment, we wish all of them the best of luck in this new path they have just embarked on. Among the masters to be inaugurated this week, we find: Zigurat Global Institute of Technology offers master's degrees in the fields of architecture, engineering, and business innovation. The special focus of our training offer is on preparing professionals from all fields in the best possible way for the inevitable digitalization of their sector and, in this way, help them to secure better career opportunities. To achieve this, Zigurat's methodology is based on learning-by-doing and real projects that are worked on collaboratively and synchronously in online environments. The main objective of our institution has always been to provide a learning experience beyond being online, an immersive experience that allows access to the most updated information in the market.