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Zigurat Global Institute of Technology signs a partnership with Arcade


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology partners with Arcade, a Belgian multidisciplinary organization fully dedicated to "engineering matters". Arcade has expertise in various domains: structural engineering, MEP engineering sustainability, logistics design, and of course BIM.Both companies sign a collaboration agreement that demonstrates the commitment to the innovation and excellence of the E&C industry. Now is the time for companies in the sector to make the right decisions, which, in other words, will be the most competitive ones. At Zigurat, we believe that a good training and development strategy is essential to lay the foundations of a competitive company.

The partnership will create synergies around areas like training, promotion, and talent. Along these lines, both parties will develop diverse activities within these fields. In training, Arcade guarantees an exciting pack of special conditions if its staff wants to enroll in the Master's in Global BIM Management or the Postgraduate Course in Parametric design with Visual Programming in BIM. This initiative, undoubtedly, will boost innovation and professional development.Arcade is an independent, privately (family) owned, multidisciplinary civil engineering firm with Antwerp roots. Founded in 1986, Arcade has grown in 35 years to a well-known SME with broad experience in different domains.

Together with the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the daily management was transferred to the next new generation led by CEO Arnaud Serrien. The key assets of its founding remain intact and hard-wired in all employee’s DNA: customer centricity, extraordinary quality of work & flexibility. Digitalization and sustainability are the foundations for Arcade in the upcoming years throughout the whole organization. In both domains, Building Information Modeling is indispensable. Thanks to these assets and their very strong local anchoring they’ve worked on many of Antwerp's most iconic buildings: the Handelsbeurs, the Stadsfeestzaal, the Red Star Museum, and the Zoo of Antwerp.

As the CEO, Arnaud puts it: “Through this partnership with Zigurat, Arcade stays on top of all recent innovations in a fast-changing digitalizing construction world and leverages its knowledge to a broad public.”

On the other hand, regarding promotion, we are delighted to announce that Luis Alonso Briones, BIM Manager in Arcade, will participate in the ConstruWeek 2021. He will talk about how BIM can be implemented during the Construction stage for High-Tech Facilities. Arcade is involved in an innovative initiative dedicated to sustainable fish farming.