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Zigurat and European Blockchain Association Come Together in Collaboration to Empower the European Blockchain Ecosystem


Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School is now working in collaboration with European Blockchain Association (EBA) to assist each other in the pursuits that enable the wider adoption of this technology.

The European Blockchain Association (EBA) has established itself as a superior, neutral body that coordinates, synchronizes and leverages blockchain-related activities throughout Europe. Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School and EBA share the belief that blockchain technologies are the basis for future data-driven businesses and applications.  European Blockchain Association has based its governance model and activities on the following 5 principles:
  • The pursuit of sustainable development goals to face the challenges related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.
  • The focus on education and sharing information manifests itself in the creation of a broad and in-depth knowledge base in the domain of blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies, built by Individuals, companies, organizations and research institutes.
  • Defining itself as a Decentralized Semi-Autonomous Organization (DSAO), EBA allows for autonomous individual activities of its members. 
  • The active participation of members in the DSAO where the blockchain-based incentive scheme has an important role to play.
  • Finally, that of synchronizing all member activities with the aim of minimizing inefficient encapsulated and siloed developments.
In their collaboration, Zigurat and European Blockchain Association aim to contribute to the creation of a supportive ecosystem for blockchain technologies that will help to spread the knowledge. As a manifest of that, European Blockchain Association also takes part in and collaborates in the dissemination of the Global Blockchain Summit that Zigurat is organizing on the 10th of December, 2019.