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Zigurat Abu Dhabi Student Week Recognized in CIAT’s aspirATion Magazine


Zigurat’s first International Student Week in the Middle-East is described as “a different kind of group project” by aspirATion, CIAT’s e-magazine for aspiring Architectural Technology professionals.

As a global online institution that offers live classes and immersive training programs to engineers and architects all over the world, Zigurat is very keen on combining the distance studies with face-to-face experiences and the opportunities to take part of live projects. In last November, thirteen students of the Master’s in Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects assisted Abu Dhabi Student Week and were able to see how CCC (Consolidated Constructors Company) implemented BIM methodology through all stages of the construction of Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal Building. 

This unique terminal building has been designed entirely with Building Information Modelling (BIM), which lends itself well to the cloud-based way in which Zigurat students are used to collaborating. The Student Week took place at the Terminal, which covers an area of 700,000m² and has relied on over 2,000 built environment professionals to execute.

Seeing from close up how such a large-scale project was designed and managed was something that the students were really appreciative of. In addition to that, they came into contact with a number of professionals who were involved in different areas of the project and were able to ask them questions regarding the execution of the terminal building and finding out how the team solved the challenges. 

To see a more detailed account of the event, check out the special documentary about the five-day program:

About CIAT

CIAT is the lead global membership qualifying body for Architectural Technology in the United Kingdom and operating internationally.  Zigurat Global Institute of Technology offers two CIAT Accredited postgraduate qualifications Master’s in Global BIM Management and aster’s in Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects.