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Zigurat celebrates its 20th anniversary with a memorable Gala Dinner


On celebrating Zigurat 's 20th anniversary, the educational institution organized a gala dinner that brought together its entire internal team, the program directors, the faculty, companies, and institutions from different parts of the world.

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a historical and international Gala Dinner in Barcelona. After an excellent end of the year with a face-to-face Think Tank with the Master's directors in Barcelona, the Gala dinner symbolized a historic moment in the new era Zigurat is immersed as the leading technological institute online.

The day started with a Team Building in the morning. The entire Zigurat internal team successfully participated, and in which teamwork dynamics were developed from a sustainable point of view and based on the Netflix series "The Squid Game".

Dozens of guests attended the event, which happened in the Hotel Catalonia in Barcelona. James Basha, Professor of the Global MBA in Digital Business, and Ioana Badea, Academic Coordinator of Zigurat, hosted an event with many memorable moments.

One of them was the presentation of awards to the Master's directors for their incredible work and dedication. Robin Weninger and Robin Weninger y David Wohde, Chris Dymond, Bruno Mota, Oscar Liébana and Rogério Lima received their respective awards accompanied by speeches of thanks from their Alumni and friends who sent personal and emotional videos.

Another memorable moment was starring Pau F. Aldomà, Zigurat’s CEO, who gave an aspirational speech focused on presenting the new and solid vision of Zigurat as a leading online training institute in the education sector. In addition, he highlighted the sustainable line that the institute is working on and the importance of the "Beyond Future Education'' learning philosophy in education, society, and environment. 

Bernabé Farré, President of Zigurat, ended the event with a speech focused on the school´s origins in 2001. In this context, he gave some awards to the oldest employees. He made a special presentation to Pau F. Aldomà, who in 2022 will be the head of the company, to continue consolidating Zigurat as a benchmark in the education sector.