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Welcome Stoor, the Uber of Architecture


Stoor, also denominated the Uber of architecture, was designed with the aim to help the architects take the maximum benefit out of their work by reselling the models they have already designed.

The vast majority of architects have a very limited market, with projects that are carried out for a single client, and for single use. In the application, they can showcase their projects and connect with promoters and builders, who, in turn, have access to already finished projects at a much cheaper price.

In the application, the presentation of the project is executed in BIM (Building Information Modeling), a methodology that allows the creation of digital 3D simulations. BIM gives Stoor a considerable advantage over other competitors in the market who still use the AutoCAD or PDF methodology. BIM offers the buyers much more information about the product that they acquire than any other methodology.

With Stoor, the architects have gained an innovative alternative to resell their work. And according to the founders it is already bearing its fruits. For example, a Bilbao architect has sold a project twice in Japan, something that would have been practically impossible if the traditional way of doing business was still followed.

In fact, most of the architects who come to Stoor sell their work all over the world. Countries where the use of BIM in public projects has become mandatory, like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, are on top of the list. Buildings available on Stoor can be used thousands of times per day to create everything from small business shops to Fortune 500 mega-buildings.

In 2019, Stoor plans to reach a turnover of 1.5 million euros. The founders are visiting countries, such as Brazil and Mexico, where a lot is being built, to increase their catalog that currently contains 60 projects.