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University of Derby and Zigurat collaborate to facilitate access to PhDs


The University of Derby, a leading educational institution in the United Kingdom, has signed a collaboration agreement with Zigurat. The agreement will offer students who successfully complete the BIM master's degree the possibility to directly access the doctorate (PhD), without the need to take the second and third year of training. This collaboration highlights the great potential of the professionals who attend it. Any Zigurat’s student who successfully completes the programs mentioned above, will not only have the option of completing the online Master's degree at the University of Derby and obtaining the MSc, but will also be able to opt for direct access to the doctoral program (PhD). In this way, the renowned British institution will evaluate the possibility of direct access to a PhD without the need to attend the second part of the program. Zigurat Global Institute of Technology takes a step forward in terms of academic excellence. Starting this year, the prestigious University of Derby, which has more than 13,200 students and around 100,000 participants in its courses, will offer the possibility of validating the first year of training in its Master of Science (MSc) to those students who choose to train in any of Zigurat's BIM programs. This new collaboration represents a milestone in Zigurat's academic history. As a leading online training institute, Zigurat is proud of this achievement, which responds to the high level of training demanded and obtained by the students of the programs during two decades of work and its constant search for academic excellence.