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Zigurat Global Institute of Technology partners with SARL MBIM to develop the technical education sector in Algeria and lead the digital transformation in the construction industry


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology and SARL MBIM, represented by its owner and CEO, Mr. Kermiche Abdelatif, will work collaboratively to develop and implement new technologies and construction methods in the Algerian AEC industry. Zigurat offers an extensive catalogue of online master’s degrees for engineers, architects and professionals related to the construction industry. The masters, recognized worldwide, have an international faculty and students from the five continents. The programs are accredited by bodies such as the University of Barcelona (UB), the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT), and Canada BIM Council (CanBIM), which provide them a unique international environment, know-how and networking. In addition, students of the Zigurat Global Institute of Technology's BIM programs have the possibility of carrying out international training stages with the greatest experts in the sector in Barcelona, the Middle East, Sao Paulo or Taipei. Algeria will benefit from this partnership as companies, public bodies and individual students will be able to enroll in the Zigurat’s programs with a local partner who will advise on the enrollment process and the provision of services. In addition, both organizations plan to organize some events across Algeria to promote innovations in the construction sector.