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Professor David Delgado Participates as a Speaker at Conference “Designing the Future” and BIM Experience


David Delgado (from DDV Arquitectura), expert in ARCHICAD and director of the Zigurat’s Master’s in Global BIM Management, took part as a speaker at the conference “Designing the Future” in Krakow and made two presentations on IFC at the BIM Experience, an activity prior to the European BIM Summit in Barcelona. Designing the futurethe main BIM event in the country is celebrated once a year, alternating between the capital city of Warsaw and Krakow, the second largest city in Poland. The conference is organized by BIM Klaster Collective (BIM cluster in the country’s construction sector) together with Konfoteka, a well-known event organizing company throughout the country. According to David Delgado, a variety of different BIM topics was discussed at the conference and the level of the presentations was very technical. In spite of global BIM implementation being still at an embryonic stage in Poland, there were some local examples of advanced BIM implementation, in which a variety of BIM modeling tools or the use of open standards could be observed.   Our professor and director of the master’s David Delgado presented a paper titled “Agile as a suitable approach for project management in BIM design". The goal of the presentation was to introduce to the sector the idea that in the design phase, the traditional project management approach is not the most appropriate and that there are other approaches in project management, such as AGILE methodologies, which are more appropriate. The BIM allows interacting more closely with the end-customer, generating a series of deliverables in a cyclical way that will reduce uncertainty and improve the final results of the project with the expectation of ownership. As a partner of buildingSMART Spanish Chapter, DDV Arquitectura participated at the event of BIM Experience of European BIM Summit. It is an activity held prior to the European BIM Summit to start in the BIM environment. The BIM European Summit aims to create an open space for companies and actors in the production and execution of BIM. As a fair, it produces a public space where commercial and technical opportunities presented by the digitization of construction can be discussed and knowledge and experiences on the subject can be shared while offering a perfect opportunity for networking with other professionals. On this occasion, the contribution of DDV consisted of two presentations on the open BIM standard, specifically on the IFC. The first was "Exporting and Importing IFC File. Best Practices", which showed how using a BIM authoring tool, such as ARCHICAD, can help to handle IFC models satisfactorily. The second presentation also touched the subject of the IFC, but in this case from the point of view of the Quality Audit and visualization of these models in open standard. There were different recommended workflows in order to achieve a level of quality of these models suitable for an exchange of information that responds to the requirements of the openBIM focus.