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Zigurat bids farewell to the year with the 4th edition of Mosaic


The fourth edition of Zigurat's Alumni magazine sees the light just a few days before the end of the year. The new edition of Mosaic, published as part of the 20th anniversary of the institute, once again brings together some of the most outstanding Alumni projects of the season, as well as a special interview with Pau F. Aldomà, CEO of Zigurat.

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology publishes the fourth edition of Mosaic. It does so just a few days before saying goodbye to 2021, a year in which the institute has celebrated its twentieth anniversary and in which it has consolidated projects such as this Alumni Magazine. Mosaic was born in January of this year with the aim of publicizing the successes of the Zigurat’s Alumni community. Since then, Zigurat has launched a total of four editions in which Alumni from all over the world have shared their projects and learning experiences.

With this fourth publication, Zigurat brings the annual cycle of issues to a close with an edition that, once again, brings together personal projects, interviews and remarkable academic experiences.

In addition to the most outstanding Alumni success stories in this December edition, Mosaic presents some of Zigurat's most important news for 2021.

Among them, the launch of the new and only International Master's Degree in Circular Construction in the market. Also, the relentless work done to grow as an institution in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The launch of Rooftop, Zigurat's first self-training platform. Or a special interview with Pau F. Aldomà, CEO of Zigurat, who talks about how the institute has evolved over the last few years and how it will continue to do so in accordance with its differentiating learning philosophy: beyond future education.