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Mortarboards up!: our Alumni celebrate their diplomas on social media


We close the year with a new generation of Zigurat Alumni. As it has become a tradition, in these periods social media is flooded with diplomas, celebrations and words of recognition. And it is that our Alumni complete an intense training stage to become voracious professionals, ready to face any challenge that comes their way. At Zigurat, we couldn’t be prouder of receiving so many kind words. Among other reasons, because the success and enthusiasm of our students are also ours. To all of you who have completed your training at Zigurat: Congratulations! These are some of the dedications that we have received the past weeks from some of the students of two of our flagship Masters: the Master’s in Global BIM Management and the Master Internacional BIM Management.
  • Tathagata Saha, Master’s in Global BIM Management.
Balancing this Master's alongside work was difficult and challenging at times, but in the end the journey turned out to be quite a fruitful one. It provided insights into a rapidly developing world that is bound to transform construction in the very near future by adopting the digital path. Best part was getting the chance to implement the theories and tools learnt while simulating a 'real life'-like project in a collaborative environment.” See Linkedin >
  • M. Usman Sattar, Master’s in Global BIM Management. 
Not a milestone alone, it is a responsibility adhere to BIM and contribute towards digital transformation of the industry”. See Linkedin >
  • Kerem Ilhami Bugdaycioglu, Master’s in Global BIM Management 
I am so pleased to announce that finally, I have received the final diploma of the Master's in Global BIM Management which I had finalized (February 2020) with finishing all 3 programpaths: #Autodesk #Revit#Bentley #Aecosim#OpenBuildingsDesigner#Graphisoft #Archicad with the highest grade. This was an important milestone to be achieved during my journey "Rapido to BIM & beyond" started 25 years ago as an architect. See Linkedin >
  • Antônia Hemesath Godinho, Master Internacional BIM Management
Mais um desafio pessoal e profissional conquistado! Não é simples conciliar vida pessoal, profissional e estudos, muitas vezes entrando noite a dentro e finais de semana também. A primeira etapa foi concluída, após 1500 horas de estudos./ "Another personal and professional challenge conquered! It is not simple to reconcile personal, professional and study life, often going into the night and weekends as well. The first stage was completed, after 1500 hours of study". See Linkedin >
  • Rodrygo Santana, Master Internacional BIM Management
Foram 1500 horas de muita dedicação! Isso representa 17,12% das horas do ano! ??? /  It was 1500 hours of dedication! This represents 17.12% of the hours of the year! ??? See Linkedin >
  • Daniel Toscano Barreto, Master Internacional BIM Management 
Uma reverência aos colegas do #afterhours, que se dedicam a estudar fora do horário de trabalho, com o intuito de aprendizado e aprimoramento profissional, buscando realização pessoal/ "A reverence for colleagues of #afterhours, who dedicate themselves to study outside working hours, with the aim of learning and professional improvement, seeking personal fulfillment" See Linkedin >
  • Cicero Tenorio Da Silva, Master Internacional em Estruturas de Edificações
Uma coisa que eu sempre vi nos cursos de mestrado é que eles são muito acadêmicos e eu sempre senti falta de um curso como esse aqui, em que eu acabo entrando no mercado de trabalho e serve-me para a minha prática de um projeto./ "One thing I have always seen in master's degrees is that they are very academic, and I have always missed a course like this one, in which I end up entering the job market and it serves me for my project practice."