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Zigurat and ITED Have Partnered to Promote BIM Implementation in Latvia


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology partners with ITED, Innovative Technologies in Engineering & Design, a Letonian consultancy firm that offers services in 4 main areas related to BIM: 3D and BIM Modelling, BIM Coordination and analysis, Consultation and Management, and BIM Implementation. Through this milestone, Zigurat will approach a new market in Letonia and the Baltic market. This alliance will allow Letonian Construction companies to access Zigurat's master's programs, which are specialized in Building Information Modelling, Smart Cities, Digital Business, and Blockchain. "The collaboration is part of Zigurat's strategy of having a wide network of international collaborators and local promoters to offer the best practices and standards globally in higher education for construction professionals," explains Rafael Riera, Corporate Services Manager at Zigurat.ITED was founded in 2014 with the mission to help their clients realize their ideas and save them time and money by making building and relevant processes more transparent and easier to understand. ITED provides BIM training for construction industry specialists to raise a common level of knowledge in BIM technologies. Its clients are Linstow Center Management, FL Innovation, Emerol, Monum, Velve, AST, among others. “The partnership becomes strategic for ITED since Zigurat is a very vertical online school specialized in the digital transformation of the AEC sector with a long history worldwide. Offering the possibility to train Letonian engineers and architects in their master’s gives us a great opportunity to train companies at the highest level, complementing their programs with consultancies and specific on-site training.”

Janis Berkis, CEO at ITED