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Zigurat’s first BIM event of the year inspires to integrate more tech and data


On February 2, the Global INFRA BIM 2021 online event offered an exquisite selection of BIM implementation success stories. On that journey, we were accompanied by practitioners and experts who have all been working with BIM methodology for over a decade.Following the footsteps of its namesake events in Spanish and Portuguese, Global INFRA BIM 2021 was launched with the objective to discuss the productivity gains of BIM in the infrastructure sector with our English-speaking audience. An aim that on past Tuesday, February 2, was, in fact, reached and exceeded.With us, mapping the challenges they encountered working big-scale infrastructure projects, were four exceptional engineers and BIM Specialists from the Master’s in Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects. In four presentations, they covered different stages of a BIM life cycle, from the fabrication process to the facilities management, as well as projects of different requirements and characteristics, such as a mega commercial center, a medical facility and an iconic airport. Anastasia Tsagka, BIM Specialist and Architectural Engineer MSc,  explained based on a commercial center project how creating a dynamic and trustworthy digital environment helped their team to expedite the construction and secure the delivery of a high-quality project. She was followed by Maria Souladaki, Civil Engineer M.Sc. and Senior BIM Engineer, who dedicated her presentation to showcasing how BIM can significantly reduce time and possible prefabrication flaws through advanced automation methods and high quality coordinated models in an iconic airport project. Following the line of previous presentations, Facility Management Expert Amjad El-Masri offered a very practical approach to BIM in facility management. Using an example of a healthcare facility, he focused on point cloud workflows and laser scanning technologies to gather integrated and accurate three dimensional and as-built data that can be used for post-construction activities. The last presentation by Issam El-Absi, the director of the master’s program and AIDIGITS, took the practical approaches offered beforehand to deliver a global overview of the major challenges and obstacles that the construction industry stakeholders must face to embark on a successful BIM journey.If you missed out on our first BIM event of the year, you can still register and watch the recording until February 28. We hope to see you there!Check out the recording of the event