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Hexperience: the virtual and interactive fair where Zigurat will present its programs


On 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th February, Zigurat will be holding unprecedented open day journeys: during these four days, the school and its programs will be presented in a new, interactive and immersive format called "Hexperience". This experience will take place in a nothing-short-of-amazing virtual building designed by Zigurat and is rooted in the award-winning proposals of the Zigurat’s Alumni virtual building project competition. Visitors will have the opportunity to freely explore this 360º virtual space at their own pace at the click of a button and choose which area to visit. In the different classrooms and auditoriums of this building, visitors will find different types of activities. In each area of this innovative and futuristic building, different activities will take place: presentations of master's degrees and courses, lecture series on trendy topics or symposiums, among others. For example, Zigurat's most popular events in various thematic areas will be rebroadcast in the various auditoriums, and symposia will be held on the main highlights of 2020 in construction and innovation. More than 100 experts are expected to participate in these activities. Also, Live Open Day Workshops will be held in the different classrooms, where all the Zigurat master's degrees and courses will be presented. Those interested will be able to get information, ask any questions, and learn more about the content of the school's different programs. Program directors and alumni who will share their training experience and the projects in which they are immersed will attend these workshops. The entire Zigurat team will be present virtually to attend to visitors and answer any queries they may have. If you want to participate in these immersive open days, you can register on the website of the Virtual Fair. We will send you an email with access to the fair the same day it starts. We hope to see you there! LEARN MORE