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Hexperience, a great turnout at Zigurat's first Virtual Fair


Four days, over 48 hours of broadcasts, 20 live master's program presentations, more than a hundred directors and professionals involved, and thousands of participants. With these overwhelming data and numbers, we can summarize Hexperience, the first Virtual Fair of Zigurat that brought together a total of 102 nationalities from all over the world.From our headquarters in Barcelona, where all the Live Open Day events were broadcast, to South America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Antipodes of Australia. If anything has characterized Hexperience, it has been its global nature. The virtual event which for the occasion featured a 3D environment developed by bside visuals studio, successfully hosted all the activities in a customized virtual building that brought together users from all over the world.One hundred and two countries of origin and hundreds of participants. Many were the attendees who, during the four days, decided to browse the virtual environment, visit the different information points and attend the different activities organized by the team. Among them, the programming of 11 official events and the 20 Live Open Day broadcasts of our master's programs, which played an important role throughout the gathering.Program presentations were comprehensive, diverse, informative and, above all, they created a space of discussion. If there is one thing we can say about every one of the Open Days presented by the Product Area Managers, the academic team, and the respective Master's directors, it was that an active and participative audience attended them. Thus, besides getting to know each program in depth, each question asked was resolved. With these headlines, we summarize an event that is framed in an undoubtedly special year for Zigurat. The year of its twentieth anniversary. With Hexperience we celebrate always looking ahead: Beyond Future Education