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Global INFRA BIM Event Will Showcase BIM Implementation Success Stories in a Variety of Infrastructure Projects


After many successful editions in Spanish and Portuguese, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology launches Global INFRA BIM to share BIM implementation stories from the Middle East.Global Infra BIM 2021 will take place on the 2nd of February and focus on how BIM brings productivity gains to the infrastructure sector. Expert BIM practitioners with decades of experience in infrastructure megaprojects have joined the lineup of the Global INFRA BIM online conference and will share successful implementation stories from the field. Through these BIM implementation success stories, Global INFRA BIM puts under the spotlight the technology integration for construction industry transformation in different phases of the project lifecycle.Speaking at the online event on how BIM can help organizations manage projects, benchmark life cycle costs, and drive operational efficiencies are Anastasia Tsagka, Issam El-Absi, Maria Souladaki and Amjad El-Masri, who are also members of the faculty board of the Master’s in Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects.In the first place, in the presentation of Anastasia Tsagka, BIM Specialist and Architectural Engineer MSc, the audience will learn how in a benchmark mega commercial center project, the team had to create a dynamic and trustworthy digital environment to expedite the construction and secure the delivery of a high-quality project. The shopping mall in question will be one of the largest retail developments serving a trade area of more than 1.9M people and offering a variety of retail, leisure, dining, and entertainment facilities. Such a big-scale project came with its own set of challenges and required cutting-edge technology to manage the project scope, value engineering alternatives, design coordination, and change management processes.From a mega commercial center and a medical facility to an iconic airportThe next to take the online stage is Issam El-Absi (AIDIGITS), the academic director of Zigurat’s Infrastructure BIM master’s program, who initiated in BIM methodology 24 years ago already. In his presentation, the audience will be introduced to the main challenges and obstacles that the construction industry stakeholders are facing to embark and effectively join BIM and the associated Digital Transformation set targets. In her turn, Maria Souladaki, Civil Engineer M.Sc, will focus on the BIM workflows and advanced automation techniques implemented to achieve an accurate fabrication process and prefabrication drawings for an iconic airport project. The integration of BIM to the production phase of fabrication leads to better communication, a clearer building process, and fewer problems during construction. Maria will show how, in this airport project, BIM managed to significantly reduce time and possible prefabrication flaws through advanced automation methods and high quality coordinated BIM models.From the fabrication process to the facilities managementThe event will end with the presentation of a medical facility project by Amjad El-Masri. Himself a Facility Management Expert, Amjad will focus on BIM and point cloud workflow in a healthcare facility. Using the laser scanning technologies and other embedded and advanced sensors allows to frequently gather integrated and accurate three dimensional and as-built data related to the quality of the materials. If this information was to be combined with the BIM model to create an integrated model that is dynamically updated during the construction period, the result is an accurate “as-built” BIM model that can be used for Facility Management, operational maintenance, and post-construction activities. All four presentations share experiences of working on a mega infrastructure development where the BIM implementation had to go one step beyond and find innovative tools to match up to the complex reality of the project and are certain to inspire all the attendants to up their BIM game.Get your share of BIM implementation success stories on the 2nd of February at 4 PM CET! Sign up for the event now