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DigIT Online Conference Will Discuss Purpose-led Digital Transformation


On March 30 & 31, our in-house and invited experts will talk about the influence that a year of accelerated digital agendas has had on the way we use and engage with technologies. Speaking also of global talent opportunities and business internationalization, DigIT is an online conference where you can start defining your digital agenda. Zigurat launched its event series called DigIT last year to discuss what the organizations could do now to adapt to the new normality. The first edition of the event showcased technology as an important enabler of business activity during the lockdown. This year’s edition continues the exploration into the major changes that the accelerated digital agendas have meant for the business world.Over the past year, it has become clear that what defines a great leader is how he can guide his organization’s response and adaption to a tech-centric business environment. With a special focus on global talent opportunities, business internationalization, and efficiency gains brought along by next-generation solutions, the DigIT event aspires to give the attendants a complete overview of the status quo in each of the areas and where they're headed. On March 30, we will be first joined by Jordi Ginestà, the HR Team Leader EMEAR at Inlea, who will discuss the digital transformation of the labor market on a global level. We will learn why online recruitment and the use of new technologies will be essential on our way forward. Jordi will also discuss two new emerging trends: Employer Branding and Professional Branding. In the second presentation of the day, we will explore the potential of omnichannel sales. Our professor and the National Sales Development Head for AXA Health in AXA Spain, Voyslav Stojanovic will answer the question: how can we prepare our organizations to cope with the idea of "Digi-Physical" sales? On March 31, we will continue our exploration of talent opportunities. We do so with Jordi Damià, the CEO of Setesca and the director of our Global MBA in Digital Business, who will discuss the biggest shifts in job profiles in IT and other departments. The next topic to be explored is that of Business Internationalization. For that presentation, we will be joined by Herman Swanepoel, our alumni and the Chief Information and Innovation Officer for Bestmed Medical Scheme based in South Africa. He will take a look at the digital transformation wave spanning across all industries & geographies and how the companies can adapt their processes to maximize consumer reach.We hope to see you at DigIT, the go-to online conference for first-class insights into business transformation.Attend DigIT - Unlocking the Power of Digital