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Collaboration between Zigurat and Sanveo will promote the training in BIM and Smart Cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Last week, Zigurat and Sanveo Inc., an international AECO technology firm specializing in BIM implementation, signed a collaboration agreement that would allow the personnel of Saudi Arabian corporations, universities and public bodies to enroll in the Zigurat’s BIM Management and Smart Cities’ master’s programs.

Sanveo Inc. and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology have aligned their common goals to be at the forefront of the digital transformation of the AECO industry and defined a partnership that will benefit greatly the Saudi Arabian professionals looking to update their knowledge about the sector.  

This unique agreement sees to that in addition to the state-of-the-art Zigurat programs that have become referential for the whole sector, the participants will receive local advisement from an international consulting company like Sanveo Inc., that has many success cases implementing BIM methodology and Smart City technologies in Saudi Arabian entities.

In the near future, Zigurat and Sanveo plan to organize some events across Saudi Arabia to promote innovations in the construction sector.

About Sanveo Inc.

Sanveo is an AECO technology firm specializing in BIM, VDC services and advanced technology consulting with offices in the United States (San Francisco, Stockton, Los Angeles, Denver and Chattanooga), India and the Middle East. As a global enterprise, its teams have extensive experience in implementing BIM and new technologies to enhance companies’ productivity and project’s quality. 

Sanveo’s portfolio includes aviation, hospitals, high-rise buildings, corporate offices, industrial buildings, data centers, universities and specialized buildings. Across the life-cycle of the project, Sanveo strives to empower its clients to extract the most value out of project information to make effective decisions, enhance productivity and improve quality.