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BIM Convention of Eskişehir 2019 - a Meeting that Showcased the Prospects of BIM in Turkey


From 15th to 16th of November, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology was invited to the BIM Convention of Eskişehir to talk about BIM in the context of Industry 4.0 and to introduce its training portfolio
His previous experience and studying a BIM Convention of Eskişehir 2019 - or #BIMesk - is an event organized by the Eskişehir Branch of Chamber of Architects of Turkey (U.I.A. Section of Turkey) to bring to the local audiences a variety of insights on BIM topics. As the Turkish industry is preparing itself to be able to adopt BIM and the organizational structure and culture associated with it, the gatherings of such kind are highly beneficial for the BIM practitioners and newcomers to the methodology alike. On the first day, November 15, 2019, the Zigurat team visited Eskisehir Technical University (ESTU) to introduce its training portfolio to the students. The career orientation session was offered by our Program Development Director Marta Riera and Consulting Engineer Dimitrios Repanas and suggested the attendees some pointers on how to build their professional path towards success. The official opening of the BIM Convention of Eskişehir 2019 on Saturday, November 16, coincided with the inauguration of the premises of the new ETO Fair and Congress Center. Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, or ETO in short, pledged its allegiance to the innovations ahead for the Turkish AEC industry.

BIM Convention of Eskişehir 2019

The second day started at 9 AM with keynote speeches by the organizers: the Chamber of Architects of Turkey and the Prota Group. The latter is one of the most important national software developers in the construction. In what followed, the stage belonged to BIM Managers from Turkey and abroad. The representatives of Red Hot BIM and Anel Group cast light onto different successful BIM implementation cases for infrastructure projects in Turkey. Herring&Trowbridge Architects and MVRDV, a research-oriented architectural firm from the Netherlands, contributed more international insights. Zigurat Global Institute of Technology offered a presentation on the comprehensive skill-set of a BIM Manager. As the only educational institution invited to the convention, it was our mission to emphasize how the training should go beyond individual software and integrate all aspects of the methodology. Besides the very stimulating presentations, there were also cultural and culinary outings that offered a less formal atmosphere to continue the discussion and compare notes. Those occasions showed that our conclusions aligned: BIM has already emerged as a vital requirement in the Turkish AECO sector.