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AGORA BIM 2022: An event devoted to the latest software solutions to connect flows, teams and information


The third edition of Agora BIM, organized by Zigurat - Global Institute of Technology, will take place on April 6th at the Birmingham City University in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment. On this occasion, the BIM event will focus on the most up-to-date methodologies and BIM software solutions applied to the construction industry. Leading experts will discuss current issues within the construction sector and examine how to improve and optimize the outcomes by using adequate technology.

BIM (building information modeling) methodology is an information management process for construction projects. It is the symbol of the digital transformation of the AECO industry. As an intelligent and collaborative model that connects teams and structured multidisciplinary data in the cloud, BIM can produce real up-to-date representations of all phases of a construction project. Over the last few years, BIM has significantly been improving the efficiency and productivity of companies in the construction industry. In this sense, Zigurat is organizing an international congress devoted to the current and future roles of BIM applied to construction and infrastructure, which will be held on April in three languages in three different cities: São Paulo, Madrid and Birmingham. In a world constantly changing, is it appropriate to stick to one cooperative methodology only? What strategies can we employ to achieve more effective goals? We are sure that Birmingham City University is the most suitable place to host an enlightening and fruitful debate on one of the hottest topics in the construction industry. Hundred of participants from all over the world will greatly benefit from insightful presentations by Stefan Mordue (Chartered Architect), Paula Mota (BIM Manager and Senior Consultant) and Bruno Mota (Lean Director at SIPPR, and Senior Lean Consultant) from Logikal, the leading global project controls consultancy. To what extent can new BIM solutions and multidisciplinary cooperation improve the way we manage construction project information? Zigurat is glad to invite you to find out more about this and other issues at the event that will mark the beginning of a new era of collaborative construction. Join us on April 6 at 17:30pm GTM!Register now